Gazillion Bubbles Show

Photo courtesy of Fan Yang Gazillion Bubbles Show

When my TV show “Fran’s World” launched in 2007, I decided to do my first episode on a new show in town called The Gazillion Bubble Show.

I called and told them I was the Guinness Book ‘s World’s Fastest Talking Woman. Well it just so happened that Fan Yang  (a world renowned bubble scientist, artist and performer) was attempting his 13th world record to celebrate the opening of his show in New York City,and I was invited to partake in it!

Now, 16 world records later (including one where Fan put an 8,800 pound elephant inside a bubble) the Gazillion Bubble Show is still going strong. If you are looking for a great interactive show for you and your family in the heart of New York City you have to check out this show. It’s got lasers, it’s got spectacular lighting effects, it’s got color and thousands and thousands…OK, a gazillion bubbles.
The critics love it, and it’s been featured on Oprah, Letterman, Live with Regis & Kelly, Fox, Ellen DeGeneres, etc.
Back in 2007, Fan Yang’s goal was to create the world’s biggest bubble with 13 chambers encapsulating 34 people. Each chamber had an island that could hold two people, I was game and so were a lot of other celebrities. You have to check out the video to see who I was paired up with!

It was awesome. Come on who doesn’t like giant bubbles?  And to be able to stand inside one is even more exciting…it’s like being Glenda the good witch without the floating around. 
And I just happen to know that you can win a family 4 pack by going to my dear friend and telling about your challenging times of being a mother.

Gazillion Bubble Show Info

New World Stages Theater
340 West 50th Street, NYC, NY( Between 8th and 9th avenue)
Shows run on Fridays at 7pm,
Saturdays 11am, 2 & 4:30 pm
Sundays noon and 3pm.
Prices: $55-$75
The show runs 60+ minutes with no intermission. (So go to the bathroom ahead of time so you don’t miss a single bubble.)