airmobilitymuseumI decided I’d like to introduce you all to the east coast, so even you left coasters can see why I love this side of the country so much. And I decided to put first things first, starting with our first state…Delaware. Yeah, I know Delaware isn’t a “top destination” when it comes to family travel. But it should be.  Why? Well, I’ll give you five reasons….


  • It’s the first state. Yeah, I realize that in itself isn’t a reason to visit, but try telling your kids that. They’ll be impressed. Kids instinctively know it’s good to be first. 
  • The Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover. As the mom of boys, I am always on the lookout for museums devoted to transportation – and few are as captivating as this one, dedicated to airlift and air refueling history. Family favorites include the Berlin Airlift display and its corresponding C54M aircraft – the last one in existence (parked outside).  
  • The kids’ shows at the New Candlelight Theatre in Ardentown. Why struggle in NYC traffic and pay through the nose to take your little ones to a live show? Upcoming offerings like The Wizard of Oz and Little Shop of Horrors are sure to be crowd pleasers…and your budget will appreciate them too.
  • The shopping at Bargain Bill’s Flea Market in Laurel. Yes, I always enjoy a good bargain, and I can get a deal on toys, baby goods, offbeat collectibles and new and used items at Bargain Bill’s. Think of it as a yard sale….on a 15 acre yard.
  • Grabbing lunch at Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson in New Castle. The Warehouse Grill boasts awesome burgers, and you eat surrounded by the over 300 cycles (all in stock and ready for the open road). After your meal, stroll through The Museum of the American Road before hitting it yourself. (A big plus – this spot is conveniently located right by the Delaware Memorial Bridge. A great “first stop for lunch” before heading in to explore the rest of our first state!)