Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom

The restaurants that I choose during my travels are often much more than just restaurants. If my family and I are about to spend an entire evening somewhere, I do my best to find a place where it will be an experience that will be remembered rather than just a place to fill our tummies.

I focus on this goal for every place we visit and Hershey, PA, is no different. I like to go through different blogs and websites. I also like to contact the tourism boards to get the juiciest info from local perspectives. From all my years of travel they have always been the absolute best resource.

For this particular trip Rick, from Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau, was my go-to guy. He was super helpful and got exactly what I was looking for especially when it came to where to eat.


Fenicci’s Restaurant is as Much of Hershey as Hershey Park

TMOM disclosure graphicI know that most people that visit Hershey, Pennsylvania, have their eye on Hershey Amusement Park and Chocolate World and a few other attractions that revolve around Milton Hershey. Yes, he put the area on the map but there are other fun places to visit that deserve a huge shout-out as well.

I also have to mention that dinner is a really important part of my travels. I mainly gravitate to local favorites and restaurants that have a story to tell. Fenicci’s was Rick’s main recommendation and ended up being exactly what I had in mind.

This trip to Hershey was a very special thing for my family and me. It was a sort of family reunion with my parents, brother and his girlfriend. We don’t get to spend much time with my family these days, so I wanted it to be super special and memorable. My parents are huge foodies, but they are also the kind of people that won’t remember a restaurant unless it provided a fun and different experience of everything that goes along with it.

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom

Fenicci’s didn’t disappoint. My family and the owners (Phil and Kveta) totally hit it off from the beginning. They told me that they were planning to come to Guatemala for six months during the off season and we live in Guatemala. So we had lots to talk about. Also my parents love socializing with the owners wherever they go, it’s their thing!

My favorite section of the restaurant was the outdoor seating and their organic garden. This is where they grow lots of the herbs and veggies they use for the meals.

Food Galore with a Bit of History and Fun Facts

Why is Fenicci’s Restaurant a historic spot and not just a restaurant?

• Fenicci’s of Hershey has been around since 1935. It started out under as DeAngelis.
• This is the oldest freestanding restaurant in Hershey.
• Mr. Reese (of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and more) had one of his first candy factories in the basement of this very building.
• All of the original recipes brought by the original owners from Italy are still used.
• Their famous Upside Down Pizza was introduced to Hershey in 1947.
• They have raised money to help the Penn State Children‘s Hospital for the last 15 years.

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom

Our Food on Display

I had to order their most famous and tastiest dishes. I just couldn’t skip on their Upside Down Pizza, meatballs and lasagna. But to start off we also ordered the Calamari dish.

Another of the dishes we ordered was a salad. It was huge! That’s when I knew that they aren’t kidding when they say that one of the things that make them famous is their huge portions.

I also followed Phil’s recommendation and from his organic garden and ordered the Ghost Pepper chicken wings. The reason why they are so special is because Ghost Pepper is considered one of the spiciest and hottest peppers in the world. My dad, brother and oldest son were the only brave ones who had some of it.

There was a guy sitting at a nearby table, who happened to be a regular at the restaurant. He came over to us and told us that he had never seen anyone order this dish before.

After dinner we could have ordered one of their desserts but instead we went to their parking lot where they have an ice cream parlor. During our travels through Hershey and Lancaster, ice cream was everywhere! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten as much ice cream as I did during this trip.

My kids don’t mind. I think they can survive on ice cream.

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom

Information for Visiting Fenicci’s

I would highly recommend reservations, especially if you want to sit outside. During the busy season and weekends the place gets super packed.

Address: 102 West Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, PA 17033
Phone: 717.533.7159
Price: $5 – $30
Monday -Thursday 11 am- 1 am
Friday & Saturday 11 am- 2 am
Sunday noon- 1 am