Eloise1Here’s what I like to do. Make things up. Might be why I became a writer. Here’s what my daughter likes to do. Live like Eloise. Of course, the Plaza is no longer the Plaza, though it still has a Live Like Eloise Package, starting at $965 a night.

But let’s assume you are not the Prince of Dubai and you want to treat your daughter to a night in NYC. You can stay in the elegant and luxurious Omni Berkshire, a tier down from the uber-luxury at the Plaza, but still very refined and indulgent.

Think of it as affordable luxury.

As a New Yorker, I have rarely stayed in Manhattan hotels, though my jaded 14 year old daughter, Nora, has. When her cousins come to New York, she has stayed with them, and she notes that the rooms are usually quite cramped.

The Omni standard rooms include large bathrooms where you can spread out your cosmetics or soak in a sparkling tub that you didn’t have to clean.

For kids

Nora has long outgrown amenities like the Omni Sensational Kids program, which provides kids with a backpack and activities at check-in. But she was not too long in the tooth for the milk and cookies that we had delivered – free – to our room.

And guests of any age – at least, those with teeth – can enjoy free apples in the lobby. Nora met me after school and had one as her afternoon snack.

For loyal travelers

Omni also has a cool loyalty program. Even if you are staying at an Omni for the first time, you can sign up, free, for the program, which offers free Wi-Fi (necessary for kids) and free juice (for her) and coffee (for me) delivered to your room in the morning.

We could also pre-select our room preference, away from the elevator, and choose our pillow menu ahead of time. This is great for families with allergic kids; feather comforters and down pillows are replaced with hypo-allergenic ones before you check in.

See New York

With the hundreds of dollars saved staying here, you can indulge in other New York luxuries, depending on the age of your “Eloise”: a Broadway show, a trip to the American Girl Place, Afternoon Tea at The Palm Court, museum hopping.

Disclosure: we stayed at the hotel as part of the Family Travel Conference and did not pay for our accommodations.