Dog that mush have their own loving and very active retirement home at Muddy Paw in New Hampshire. Co-owners Karin Tolin and Neil Beaulieu own the kennel, the dog sledding business and a white water rafting company.  At the kennel, they care for 130 dogs of various types. They even have one dog who won the Iditarod. When there is no snow, the “sled” looks a lot like a dune buggy. It has wheels, not blades, and is pulled by 8-12 dogs (depending on sled weight) through a field.  Thus the term rolling dog sledding.

Neil taught us a lot about the dogs like the reason they were all howling and jumping all over the place when he got out the harnesses. They were all hoping to get picked to run. He showed my 11 year old and my husband how to harness a dog and taught us all to mush and say “Good dawg!” This was so much fun that I can’t wait to do it again – snow or shine.

You can do one or both activities – Paws, Paddles or Paws & Paddles.  Both activites are run by the same company.