Woodloch_palsThe food at The Lodge at Woodloch was an experience of contradictions. Food is served in normal portions versus restaurant-sized heaps of food and all food is low sodium, low sugar and high fiber.  Unfortunately, it tasted like that too.

My first lunch there was underwhelming and reminded me of hospital fare – bland cauliflower soup, overdressed salad with grapes, dry roasted cauliflower and overly sticky tortilla wraps. Beet salad saved the day and I’ve never met a chocolate cookie I didn’t like.

Instead of detailing everything I ate, let me summarize by saying I did ask other guests about their culinary experience at the Lodge and the resounding response was that it was good but unremarkable. Hot buffet food was not warm enough, the soups and salads too plain. My dining partner said the lamb was delicious but too skimpy. The food at the Lodge wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t worth raving about. I was disappointed because I know that uber-healthy foods can be tasty because I have enjoyed them at Kripalu, and with Myra Kornfeld at The Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City.

Here’s where I contradict myself: High tea offered very fun tastes and the cooking class was amazing. Chef Matt created entrees (scallops and salmon) that were not only yummy but imaginative and his instruction make me feel like I could make them at home.


Overall, the Lodge is a definite recommend for a respite from the daily grind. It is a great place for a girlfriend’s getaway and to comfortably enjoy alone. If healthy pampering and rejuvenation are what you seek, you will find that expertise at the Lodge.

Special thanks to my traveling buddy Katja Presnal for her wonderful photos and video.

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