skin-barNothing is worse for your skin than air travel.  Exept maybe pollution.  And if you’re coming to New York for a vacation, sorry to say, you may be getting both.   But who wants to spend precious vacation time sitting inside of a spa?

I mean, it’s relaxing and everything, but this is NY!!  You’ve got things to see, places to go, potholes to dodge!  And that’s where Dermalogica’s Microzone Treatments come in.

Recently, I was treated to (and this is the full disclosure part) a free mini-facial and some sample sized goodies at the flagship Dermalogica store in SoHo. This special treat came just before my 45th birthday (thank you, thank you. no gifts, please.) so it was especially welcome.  Because you know what happens after 40, don’t you?  Every year the day after your birthday, you notice a new physical flaw.  The day after my fortieth, I noticed my first age spot. The day after my forty-first: two little creases between my brows.  Forty second? Wrinkly knees.

I wasn’t exactly looking forward to 45.  So anything that promised to pamper me and improve my skin at the same time was time well spent. Plus,  my little Dermalogica experience was a mini treatment – what they call a Microzone treatment, – and it lasted only 20 minutes.  For a vacationer (and a mom) it’s the perfect length of time: enough to make you feel good, not so much it makes you feel guilty for missing all the stuff you’re “supposed” to be doing.  (BTW If you want the full hour long thing, they do that too — and in a super cool looking Pod.”” (no kidding!)  But in terms of time well spent during a vacation in NY, the microzone treatment is terrific.

Here are some of the treatments you can get:

  • Flash exfoliation / resurface, smooth, brighten
  • • Eye rescue / brighten, firm, revitalize
  • • Lip renewal / smooth your smile
  • • Blackhead relief / clear and prevent breakouts
  • • Rapid spot clearing / speedy breakout recovery
  • • Hand repair / heal rough hands
  • • Men’s skin fitness / make shave problems history

I chose the Flash Exfoliation.  And here it is one week later, and I still think my skin looks better.

So if you’re coming to NY for a visit, give yourself a little treat – a 20 minute microzone treatment at Dermalogica.  You can go back home feeling good, looking good, and able to brag about how your faciaist in NY knew SO much – you know, because it was NY.  And how the space was SO chic – you know, because it was in SOHO.

And that’s a really good thing about vacations, isn’t it?  Your neighbors will envy you.