Grand_CentralRainy weekends can be a nightmare with kids around.  They’re bored.  They’re glued to one screen or another.  They’re fighting.  And with a torrential rain like the one we’re having today, it’s also not a great time to take the kids on a drive. So what’s a mom to do?

How about taking a trip to Grand Central Station?

I know it seems weird.  I mean, Grand Central is the place you pass through on your way to somewhere else, right?  Well that’s what I thought until I was doing just that (passing through) when I saw a bunch of tourists looking at the station.  I mean really looking at it.  And it is pretty impressive.

When I was a kid, the ceilings were black — and contrary to popular opinion, it wasn’t from dirt, they were painted that way during WWII to foil would-be bombers. Now,with a renovation that lasted from 1994-1998, the ceiling is refurbished, the windows let in shafts of light, and the whole place is revitalized with a beautiful high-end food market, fabulous stores, and more.

For instance, your kids will love the whispering gallery, an architectural phenomenon that will allow them to hear each other whisper even though they’re at opposite ends of the tunnel.  Look up, the astronomical ceiling mural is lighted so you can see the constellations.  And those chandeliers?  Gold and Silver plated.

You can have a drink at The Campbell Apartment, a spectacularly beautiful meeting place that was the former office and salon of a 1920’s mogul.  And while you may not be able to get a court, you’ll be amazed to see that there are two tennis courts right in the terminal.

Take a walking tour, or one of the free guided tours they offer twice a week.  You’ll be out of the rain, and into a surprisingly fun place to explore.