Photo credit: Suzanne Chan, Allergies TravelingMom

My family and I were invited to spend the afternoon at Newport Skates. While there are plenty of skating rinks between my home and Jersey City, my kids and I are always up for an adventure and even made a whole day of it.  I love driving down 95S and visiting all the different waterfront towns close enough to home and yet still a whole new world. When you go down just a wee bit you can visit Mitsuwa Marketplace in Edgewater which is dubbed Little Japan. They have a cute little food court serving up ramen, udon and other Japanese delicacies.  My family and I love their safe food choices for my food allergic boys. Travel a bit further down and you’ll hit Jersey City.DestinationReview


Photo credit: Suzanne Chan, Allergies TravelingMom

Jersey City is a wonderful neighborhood, perfect for families and close enough to the city to experience all its wonders any time you like, and yet it can totally hold its own. Newport Skates is a beautiful outdoor skating rink with an amazing view of the New York City skyline. The kids and I had so much fun skating around the rink.

When they needed a snack break it was so nice to walk up to the rinks sponsor and rink-side storefront, Morton Williams Supermarket window and order up a cup of hot chocolate and warm chocolate chip cookie. While Marcus, my 5 year old allergy boy, is usually limited in his choices, and often may not be able to partake in such winter charms, I was able to head into Morton Williams (sans skates of course) and find his favorite rice biscuits and a bevy of safe snacks for him making this trip to Jersey City and total win in his books!


Photo credit: Suzanne Chan, Allergies TravelingMom

Newport Skates is open all week long with admission only $7 and rentals for an additional $6. They even have affordable and real bargain drop-in lessons on the weekends for only $20 which includes admission and rentals!