daves1I am about to share one of my favorite spots in Rhode Island: I love to browse there, catch up with friends, cuddle with my hubby, grab snacks with my children and always grab an iced coffee, smoothie and a muffin. This place is Dave’s Coffee.

daves2Dave’s Coffee offers a great selection of coffee drinks including a bevy of hot and iced coffee flavors, espresso, hot cocoa, chai and smoothies. There are snacks of all sorts including muffins, health bars and cookies.

daves3You can also pull up a comfy chair with your laptop, sit on an overstuffed couch or sit outside under the pagoda. Then again, you can sit near the small waterfall, near a lovely sculpture or even the Dave’s coffee truck. Whatever your scenery fancy, you will find it at Dave’s.


Route One, 5193 Old Post Rd
Charlestown, RI 02813
(401) 322-0006
Website: http://www.davescoffeestore.com