blogscherry-blossomsThe air is fragrant with the scent of cherry blossom, it seems to be raining pink petals as I walk under a canopy of riotous blooms. But I’m not in Japan, or even Washington DC.  I’m in New York City, where the natural beauty – yes NATURAL – of thousands of cherry trees has turned Manhattan into a springtime bouquet.

The row of cherry trees in bloom that lines the Jacqueline Onassis Reservoir makes jogging the 1.6mile loop (almost) bearable. The mini-field of cherry trees and magnolia’s on the eastern side of The Great Lawn in Central Park  near The Metropolitan Museum is filled with families taking pictures among the blossoms.

And in the little-visited-by-tourists Riverside Park, you can walk, jog, or bike along the Hudson River, looking towards the majestic George Washington Bridge or heading towards or the 79th Street Boat Basin Café where you can have a cocktail and a light meal, and watch the sunset as the wind off the river blows the cherry blossoms of the trees and swirls them around you, like a blizzard of Spring in the the Heart of the City.