Charles River In Boston

How often do you get a bonus tour when buying tickets for a sightseeing package? No one ever expects it, and can almost feel like finding $100 on the street. That was exactly what I felt when I discovered that my family and I could take a cruise on the famous Charles River as a bonus. This happened when I received the tickets for the trolley two day hop on hop off pass from Boston Super Tours.

My brother, who lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is always telling me about the sailing regattas and the world famous rowing races. He also raves about the amazing views of Boston and the most important universities in the country that you get to see during a boat tour.

Why Take a Boat Tour along the Charles River in Boston?


1. Sightseeing made easy – Boats usually go slower than buses or trolleys, and they won’t get you tired as a walking tour would. Plus, kids have the space to burn off some energy once they get over the excitement of being on a boat. And you get to relax and get all the information, knowing that the kids are entertained and safe.

salt and pepper bridge boston

2. Historic Boston – You don’t realize how historic and important Boston was and still is for the US until you get there. The Charles River was key for the mapping and discovery that Captain John Smith did along the New England coast.

3. Maritime – Boston is one of the top Maritime cities in the country. With the legendary Regattas and rowing races that makes it one of the most popular of New England.

4. Length of the Tour – The boat tour took around one hour. It was long enough to allow us to see Boston and Cambridge, but short enough to keep the kids interested.

5. Sights Along the Charles River –

– Salt and Pepper Bridge
– Sailboats and schools
– Harvard University
– Boat Houses from tons of Universities in Boston

boat cruise in boston - harvard university
Fun Facts about the Charles River in Boston

– The Charles River flows past 23 cities and empties into the Atlantic Ocean in Boston. It is over 80 miles (130 km) long.
– The river became famous because of all the recreational and competitive sports that it is used for, in it you can go: rowing, sculling, dragonboating, and sailing.
– Every October the Head of the Charles Regatta takes place in this river.
– The annual Hong Kong Boston Dragon boat Festival takes place in Cambridge every June.
– The river got its name from King Charles. It is one of the few river names from that time that still remains.
– The Natural Valley Storage is a watershed in the Charles River that contains over 8,000 acres of protected wetlands.

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Information on Taking the Charles Boat River Cruise

This tour was included as part of the five bonus tours of the Boston Super Tours Premium Ticket Package for their two days hop on and hop off trolley tour. I’m not a huge museum person and the boat tour ended up being a great family activity.

Schedule – To find out about the hours you can either call Boston Super Tours, or find out when you pick up your tickets.

Location – The tour is located at the back of CambridgeSide Galleria Mall.