ducksBoston – or shall I say “Bah-stin” – always seems to have a stronghold on all things Irish. After all, our first Irish Catholic president, John F. Kennedy, called Bean Town home. So I guess it’s no surprise that Boston pulls out all the stops when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

And the good news – even though most of the bigger celebrations (like Philly and Baltimore) took place last weekend, you still have time to catch the country’s second largest parade.

This year the city’s Official St. Patrick’s Day parade, sponsored by the Allied War Veterans Council, will be held on March 20. Yes, there will probably be unofficial “parades” held in and around every little pub for a week before and after, but let’s face it – those celebrations are less than kid-friendly.

The Official parade will honor the those in the military and be broadcast live to the men and women in the armed forces overseas. Military bands, marching platoons and politicians (after all, this is Boston) will march the three mile parade route. But don’t worry that your kids will nod off. Star Wars characters, clowns, and other kiddie favorites will pepper the parade, making it a favorite of all ages.

The parade steps off at 1 pm, but the part my kids find the “most funnest” is the pre-parade St. Patrick’s Day breakfast, held in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The breakfast, which is broadcasted over local radio, is a mock-roast of local politicians that’s raucous and rowdy and downright fun. Nine chefs will be cracking 1,350 eggs that morning to please the hungry, green-clad crowd. (And for mom, they’ll be brewing 500 gallons of coffee at a time. So grab a cup of O’Java and let the kids eat their eggs and sausage while going over the safety rules for the parade route. Enjoy!