omni hotel independence parkPhiladelphia is an engaging and exciting destination for family travel with historic sites, engaging museums, and outdoor spaces. Just as important as the sites in the overall destination experience, is the place that a family calls “home” at the end of each long day of touring and exploring. Maybe it is just the Italian in me, but living well, with special touches and a bit of pampering is important to me when looking for a place to stay.
Hotels everywhere are offering programs and packages to help families that travel with entertainment and activities for children. Some do it well. But some hotels, like the Omni Hotel Independence Park in Philadelphia, gives children and families a reason to never want to leave.
omni independence park pool
The Camp Omni experience at the Omni Hotel Independence Park is a bit like a gourmet recipe made of decadent ingredients:

  • A snazzy backpack
  • An activity and puzzle book
  • Scavenger hunt that immerses you in the local historic sites
  • Treats 
  • Crayons and crafts
  • A water bottle
  • Milk and cookies as a special snack
  • A huge bath tub that has children asking to take a bath instead of avoiding it
  • A lovely indoor pool that isn’t stuffy and overrun with the smell of chlorine (and is connected to the spa)
  • And the secret ingredient is a location that makes sightseeing easy with the historic landmarks of Philadelphia at your doorstep.

camp omni backpackWhen you put it all together, you are left with an oversized delight that will quench your family’s appetite for adventure, luxury, and fun. It may be that my daughter has embraced the idea of a “dolce vita” a bit earlier than some, but I do not blame her for deciding that she would like to move to Philadelphia and live in the Omni Hotel Independence Park when she grows up.

No upcoming trip to Philadelphia? No worries. Camp Omni offers you the same ingredients at properties around the country.  

 Live the dolce vita along with me…

Italian by birth, Elena tells the story of living-doing-and growing as a Cancer survivor, freelance writer, teacher, runner & triathlete from her perch in the DC suburbs at Ciao Mom.

Our Camp Omni experience was provided to us by the Omni Hotel Independence Park for the purpose of a review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.