Boston1This Traveling Dad post is about my trip I took to Boston for 4th of July last year without my three kids. It was my first trip to the east coast during the summer and I have a few travel tips for those ‘West Coast Dads’ that are unfamiliar with the east coast summer weather; It can rain one minute, stay humid or just be sunny and cloudy all day…

What to Wear

In addition to the varying weather conditions, you need to have a couple options on what clothes to wear and what bring on your trip. My travel plans were based around activities such as bike riding and sightseeing. These activities require you to wear loose T-Shirts, walking shorts, and a good pair of sneakers. I also was planning on taking my girlfriend to a nice dinner so I had to also pack a nice dress shirt, slacks, and dress shoes. Most restaurants I went to were casual, but there are a few nice places that require you to ‘Clean Up’ and wear proper attire, so Man –Up and impress your travel partner to a memorable evening…

Things to do in Boston:


Boston Means Baseball

Boston4My 4 day trip was focused around a few planned events. First was a chance to see a baseball game at Fenway Park and Watch the Boston Red Sox. Baseball back east is an event, and going to see a Red Sox game is an even bigger event. The sights, the sounds and the tradition of loyal fans is all around this ball park that is located in a tight little community. You can go online for last minute tickets at Stub Hubor take your chances at the gate. Most home games are sell-outs, so I caution anyone coming out; You got to have a game plan on how to get your tickets. As you will see in my video, the fans are great and the 7th inning celebration was highlighted by a loud, karaoke rendition of Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’….

Boston Commons and Harvard

One of the main parks and sight seeing destinations is Boston Commons. This park is outlined by a variety museums and activities. Boston is full of history, and it’s a city that is easily seen on foot. One of my recommendations is to take the GPS Tour. This self guided tour allows you to see the variety of history in Boston on foot and explore Boston at your own pace. A quick subway ride to MIT and Harvard is another great idea for a travel souvenir. Who needs 5 long years of mental torture when you can buy a school T-shirt at the bookstore and make up your own story when you get back home, like Mark Zuckerberg

Province Town and Fireworks

Boston2Your July travel is not complete until you jump on a ferry and head out to Province Town. It’s less than a 40 minute Ferry ride a great place to do a little shopping, bike riding and people watching. As you can see in my video, there was a ‘colorful’ event happening in P-Town called, ‘The White Party’. Great place to people watch!

There are many activates and events that happen all year long in Provincetown; to get to the latest news, check out Province Town LiveThis island was a great stop in my Boston travel. There are a variety of bike routes to enjoy at every level. Bike rentals were available and affordable. My girlfriend and I rode the Cape Cod route. We parked our bikes at the beach, laid out in the sun and enjoyed a nice lunch complete with a Lobster sandwich.

4th of July Fireworks are big deal in Boston Harbor. There are plenty of places to see the holiday event. My recommendations is to visit the website called, Boston Harbor Festand find out more about the latest 4th of July festivities and best locations to see the fireworks.

Overall, my TravelingDad trip was a success in Boston. I got away from San Diego and now have a greater appreciation of our country’s history and culture. I also had a great time catching a baseball game and seeing the sights and sounds. I loved Boston and would go back again.