big apple greeterSo you want to come to NYC, but you think it’s too dangerous,  too expensive too totally and completely overwhelming even to imagine it.  That’s why you need Big Apple Greeters, a non-profit organization that matches visitors with friendly and enthusiastic New Yorkers who are happy to share the city they love with families, friends, and individuals traveling solo. Most important, the service is FREE, and they have a strict, no tipping policy.

Every day,  Big Apple Greeters deploys  some of its 300+ volunteer greeters out to meet individuals and families and show them around.  And yes, I said volunteer.  People work as greeters because they want to show out of towners the friendly side of the town they love.  (In this photo, Council Member Robert Jackson serves as Greeter for a Day!)

Council Member Robert Jackson serves as Greeter for a DayEach year, the Greeters bring approximately 7,000 visitors to 114 neighborhoods throughout the City.  Since its start in 1992, Big Apple Greeter has welcomed nearly 100,000 visitors from all 50 states and 124 countries, with visits conducted in over 20 languages.


Impressive right?

And event though they get 10,000 requests a year, I think it’s also not that well known. 

But now you know.

Contact Big Apple Greeters before your next NYC visit, fill out a visit request form, leave a donation (the program doesn’t run itself, you know).  You’ll see the city in a whole new way – through the eyes of a local who really does love New York.