krausinmaineAppeals to all ages; things to look at, to buy, to explore and discover; a charming corner of Maine. You start with Main Street, which (together with the intersecting High Street) shows off the amazingly well-preserved architecture of the town center.  The selection of shops is entertaining;

•    A real shoe store straight out of another age
•    Ditto with the hardware store that sells pretty much everything
•    An “alternative” store with organic foods and gifts and just the place to buy a composting unit
•    A surprising number of art galleries with a stunning bandwidth in tastes
•    The bootmaker (my personal favorite) with the seductive aroma of leather, an array of lasts, or wooden forms to fit the customer, but not cheap!

The harbor at the bottom of Main Street has a real, functioning pier (ferries going off to the islands) and marvelous sail boats, not just a few are restored wooden boats (see photo).  The restaurants are varied, and the summer “art trail” kept our band of young boys busy for a while.  There is also a “Museum in the Streets” tour (signs with photos and descriptions of the points of interest around the town, done by the local Historical Society.

Also, Rockland – with its marvelous art museums is just down Route 1 to the south (and more ferry rides to the islands, like Monhegan).