ManonabuildingMy daughter and I were walking through Union Square and she noticed a “naked man” on top of a building and was insistent he was going to fall. Well, she was wrong and so have been many other people.

The “man” on top of the building is part of Event Horizon, an art installation featuring Antony Gormley‘s 31 lifesize body forms. The 31 statues are perched atop various buildings through out Madison Square Park, the Flatiron district and Union Square.

If you are out walking around Madison Square Park, don’t forget to look up. And don’t be alarmed, the statues really do look like a man is going to jump from the building.

For a low cost activiy, enjoy an afternoon wandering Madison Square and the Flatiron and see how many statues you can find. In case you get frustrated, click here for a map of all the statues throughout the neighborhood.


Madison Square Park
5th Avenue at 23rd Street
Madison Square Conservancy
Map of all 31 statues

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