"September 11 Photo Montage" by UpstateNYer - Own work; derivative work of the following:WTC smoking on 9-11.jpegby Michael Foran on FlickrDN-SD-03-11451.JPEGby the United State NavyUA Flight 175 hits WTC...by TheMachineStops on FlickrWTC-Fireman requests 1...by the US GovernmentFlight93Engine.jpgby the US GovernmentVideo2 flight77 pentag...by the United States Department of Defense. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:September_11_Photo_Montage.jpg#/media/File:September_11_Photo_Montage.jpgThis is going to be a short post. Because what more is there, really, to say about September 11, 2001, that hasn’t been said – probably better – by everyone else?

But I do want to say this:  Yes. when the Twin Towers fell, it was a national tragedy. But for those of us in New York, it was more. It was in our town, out our windows. We had High School classmates who died.  Colleagues, friends, parents, brothes, sisters, spouses, even children.

Our lives didn’t go on as usual, with everything unfolding on TV. Stores closed. Businesses closed. The smell of smoke lasted for weeks.  Lives ended…or changed forever.

So if you’re coming to New York City, and if you plan to visit the 9/11 Memorial, remember: here in NY, it was a personal attack.  It was in our backyards.  Don’t talk on your cell phones as you look over the exhibits.  Don’t lick your ice cream, or let your kids giggle and goof around.

And please, don’t think I’m just saying this — I’ve seen it all.  And worse.

We all – all of us around the world – felt the pain that day.  But for some, the pain is just an idea – a concept.  For NYers, it was very, very real.

And on this day, New Yorkers especially feel the pain.

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Have you visited the 9/11 Memorial in New York City? Tell us what you (and your kids) thought in the comment section below.