cartier store on fifth avenue nycNew York City at any time of the year is magical. Big city, bright lights, things to see in to the right, to the left, and even up and down. Which is why New York City is a perfect mother daughter or girls weekend destination for the girly girl in all of us.

Three Must Do Activities in New York City for a Mother Daughter Weekend

Depending on the age of your girls, the American Girl Doll Place is a must see destination. Three levels of pure girl from outfits of every style to shoes to a hair salon and cafe make this store the premier destination for doll lovers. Even older daughters that grew up with American Girl Dolls will have fun looking at new outfits and dolls. One word of caution: there can be a line to get into the store. Going earlier is better.

carriage ride in central park NYCGetting to the American Girl Place means walking on Fifth Avenue. This iconic street will give any lover of shopping block after block of windows that will make you wish you grew money trees in your yard. Window shopping on Fifth avenue is easily something that could take an entire morning or afternoon, especially in the holiday or winter season, when the window artists create walking traffic jams with over the top and stunning displays. Some of our favorite displays were the jeweled windows of Harry Winston and the creative buildings at the Lego store. And the Cartier store? Forget the windows, the entire building was wrapped up like a present.

The last must do activity when traveling to New York City with your daughter is a carriage ride in Central Park. Carriages are available at the edge of Central Park near the Plaza Hotel and can range in price from $50 for twenty minutes to $100 for forty. A twenty minute carriage ride may seem short but takes is perfect for giving tired feet (or tired children) a rest from the bustle of the city. The twenty minute ride brings you past the carousel and the zoo.

rockefeller centerAfterwards you might head to the Plaza Hotel for tea or maybe to Rockefeller Center for ice skating (in the winter) or to Top of the Rock, the observation deck that flies high above Rockefeller Center.

It is not hard to live the dolce vita in the city that never sleeps. New York City offers something for everyone, especially fashion or shopping loving girls and their moms.

Elena is a freelance writer, instructional coach, and chaser of dreams. She writes about making every moment matter at LiveDoGrow. You can find her on twitter and facebook.