Wilson & Washburn in Omaha. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Triathlon Traveling Mom.

Wilson & Washburn, located in Omaha, Nebraska, is the perfect stop for upscale craft beers, comfort foods, and a great family meal.  Located one block from the busy Old Market, it is perfect for a meal of classics, but with Chef Travis’s spin.  If you want to just hang out with friends or have a date night at a mature bar, this is the place.

It also just happens to be where you find the locals.  Above all, it is designed for the business travelers who land late and want a real meal, not bar food.  The kitchen is open until midnight and the bar until 2 AM.


Photo credit Dana Zucker, Triathlon Traveling Mom.


On top of all that, Wilson & Washburn has a wonderful history.  Anna Wilson and Josie Washburn are legends in Omaha, known for providing a different type of “comfort” than what is served today.  Back in the 19th century, Anna owned W & W as a comfort station of the days; a brothel.  Known as the”Queen of the Underworld”, Anna became very wealthy and so, wanted to give back to Omaha.  She and Josie donated the building and helped fund a hospital.  To this day, pictures of these ladies remain at the entrance of the restaurant.  You can even stop by the local Durham Museum to learn more or just ask anyone at Wilson and Washburn…

I always love to know more, so I spoke with the manager, Jay, and owner, Jeff, to find out why they do what they do.  Jeff is an Omaha native and after years in the restaurant business, wanted to come home with his wife and raise his kids in Omaha.  He saw a need for a place just like Wilson & Washburn, built it, and opened in July of 2013, hiring a great staff to do what they do best.  I love that!  And, I love locally owned restaurants!




Our selections at Wilson & Washburn. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Triathlon Traveling Mom.

Okay, let’s talk food.  The day we went, the four of us all had something different.  My hubby had the only thing he orders at W & W, the beet burger.  He claims, and he travels a lot and tends to eat vegan a lot when traveling, that it is the best veggie burger ever.  Not only is it made on site, but the house toasted peanut butter is so good, they need to jar and sell it!

For me, I love the fish and chips.  I know, not the best thing for me as it is fried, but there is no grease and a full 8 oz of yummy cod.  So, I admit I ate one piece as is, and then took the batter off the other.  It was still super yummy.

Sam enjoyed the Cuban with the W & W twist of house smoked pork, IPA mustard, and house made cucumbers.  He ate it all before I even had a bite.  Nice kid I have…And, Sydney always has the same cheeseburger and finishes the whole burger!  All are served with house made chips.


Photo credit Dana Zucker, Triathlon Traveling Mom.

Needless to say, we give this place the Zucker MUST EAT HERE while in Omaha!  With options to accommodate all needs, whether you are vegan, Paleo, or have allergies, and not to mention all the craft beer you can find, it works for everyone.  In addition, the prices are budget friendly with healthy servings!  I can’t think of anything more you would want or need in a restaurant than at Wilson & Washburn.  Oh, yes I could, and they just read my thoughts.  They’re now open for brunch on weekends!

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