Combine the eating-out insight of a Louisville local who also earned a culinary degree with a mom who understands that married life with two kids calls for simpler food prep at home and practical options at eateries. That’s why this story, and my in-depth research on the best local foods, can guide what you eat and do on your trip to Kentucky.

Food and Fun in Louisville, KY!

A fact about my life that I don’t talk much about anymore, is that I have a degree in Culinary Arts. Somewhere after my husband and kids the chef side of me hung up her whites in exchange for a more family friendly career. Most nights I choose the dinner that is the easiest, both in terms of preparation and getting small children to eat it! However, if friends come to town I can rattle off restaurant recommendations that will blow anyone’s socks off!

In the last few years Louisville, Kentucky has become a mecca for amazing chefs and fantastic dishes, not to mention tons of fun attractions! I have paired restaurants and attractions together, so that you can make the most of your time in Louisville! Without further adieu, here are some ideas for food and fun in Louisville, KY!

If you are in the mood for a burger….

The B.B.B Burger Photo Courtesy: Mussel & Burger Bar

The B.B.B Burger Photo Courtesy: Mussel & Burger Bar

Mussel and Burger Bar is a fantastic stop, if a burger is what you are craving during your travels I can promise that you won’t be disappointed! Here is the thing about the restaurant, it is super popular. It has won lots of awards, there is tons of buzz surrounding it, and the restaurant absolutely lives up to the hype. At this point you are thinking, so what’s the catch? The catch is that it gets busy, very quickly.The B.B.B burger is far and away a favorite of my husband and myself. It is topped with maple syrup aioli, a fried egg and maple syrup glazed pork belly. The short rib nachos is an appetizer choice that can easily be an entree and is everything that nacho dreams are made of.

After you finish off your meal, if you and your family are feeling up to a little friendly competition, why not head over to Bluegrass Indoor Go Karting? It is an indoor go kart track as the name suggests and tons of fun! I was lucky enough to visit for a work function and had a blast so going with family would make it that much better!

If you have time for a beer and gastro pub fare…

Four Pegs is a tiny hole in the wall bar that has food that will blow your mind! I think that there are only six to 10 tables in the place, so think a cozy date night spot! My husband and I tried after months of recommendations from friends. We were told that if we left without trying the chicken and waffle sandwich we had missed the whole point of the trip! So, obviously we got the chicken and waffle sandwich. It was to die for, in fact it comes up in conversation at least once a month. This place is firmly in the date night category, after all it is a bar. That being said if you get the chance for a date night take it!

The big four bridge is just a few miles from Four Pegs and would end a date night smashingly. This bridge is an old railroad bridge that has been converted for pedestrians. It connects Kentucky and Indiana, and at night there is a light show that takes place. The big four bridge is lots of fun for adults or for the whole family, plus it is a sneaky way to get in exercise!

Chicken and Waffle Sandwich from Four Pegs. Photo Courtesy: Allison Taylor

Chicken and Waffle Sandwich from Four Pegs.
Photo Courtesy: Allison Taylor/Research TravelingMom

If you feel like being adventurous…

Game offers exotic meat that doesn’t show up on typical menus. Outside of Game, I can’t tell you the last time I saw kangaroo on the menu! Don’t worry, in my opinion kangaroo is about as wild as it gets at Game. They offer a meatball sampler of their exotic meats, so if you can’t make up your mind it is ok! The meatballs are priced individually and are 3 oz portions. Don’t worry though, if you aren’t feeling as adventurous as your dining partner there is always the good ‘ol angus burger! Your kids will feel totally cool trying all of the exotic meat. Who knows you might just find something that you like!

After your feast at Game, why not head over to the Louisville Slugger Museum? The factory tours are fun for the whole family, and at the end everyone in the group gets a mini Louisville Slugger bat! There is a 120 foot Louisville slugger bat outside of the entrance perfect for photo ops!

Meat Balls at Game. Photo Courtesy: Game

Meat Balls at Game. Photo Courtesy: Game

If brunch is on your mind…

Then the Silver Dollar needs to be on your list! The Silver Dollar is a repurposed fire station. It once housed some of Louisville’s bravest men and women, now it houses some of the best whiskeys in town. Don’t be fooled though, this place is very family friendly during brunch, it just happens to offer some awesome choices for bourbon. This place was named in Esquire magazine as one of the top 10 places for whiskey selection in the U.S!  The last time I was there I had the shrimp and grits and they were out of this world!

The Silver Dollar Photo Courtesy: Silver Dollar

The Silver Dollar Photo Courtesy: Silver Dollar

The Silver Dollar is very close to Frankfort Ave. and they have some of the most unique shops in town. So if after you get your belly full, you feel like shopping I would highly recommend a stroll down Frankfort Ave!

These restaurant suggestions are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the culinary scene here in Louisville. We have James Beard award winning chefs, and a very supportive community always willing support the newest places! There is always a new restaurant opening on any given week. If you are going to be dining in Louisville, KY and would like suggestions for dinner beyond these, I would love to help!