missouriYep Gentlemen it is that time of year again, I know your brain is wrapped around the big upcoming Super bowl game, but you had better be careful; her mind is wrapped around the big Valentine’s Day.
I am going to be a friend to you boys and make romancing that lady a little bit easier….after all I am a woman, so I think like a woman…I HOPE!

Many gentlemen will rush into the store grabbing that last box of chocolates and the card that has “I Love Lucy” on the front of it with prayers that she won’t notice that it is actually a birthday card…..yep my hubby is a total FAIL at Valentine’s Day.

How about you show your buddies up this year and plan something unique, breathtaking, and still stay within your budget. I know you think I am crazy, but there is hope for me and there is hope for you at Rothbrick Winery.  

Rothbrick Crush winery, horseback riding, and cabins; you can book all three or just one. Rothbrick Cabins sit at the edge of a small lake, and if Valentine’s Day is as beautiful as today it would be the perfect place for a nice picnic. Rothbrick winery, you have heard the talk, Missouri has some of the finest wines out there, well it is no lie, we produce good stuff, and you just have to try it to understand it. Spend you afternoon at Rothbrick’s tasting room, just enjoying that sweet someone that is in your life. Rothbrick’s horseback riding, here is your opportunity to romance her like they did in the old western movies….well, maybe not, but if you have yourself a horse lover than you should give it a shot. Rothbrick offers guided trail rides, horseback riding lessons, or just a beautiful view of the horses from a far. rothbricklake

Rothbrick’s website has complete details on the cabin rentals, horseback riding, and list of their locally produced wines. Rothbrick is located just outside of Jackson, Mo near a little town Shawneetown, Mo….No worries, it is very secluded, but you still have cell service for her to check on those kiddos if needed.  

Ladies, if your man is a total FAIL at Valentine’s Day like mine, than you do realize you can flip the board and take control and make the reservations yourself….I do it all the time!

Have an Adventurous Day!


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****Disclosure our visit last summer was sponsored by Rothbrick Winery and we thank them for allowing us a firsthand view of their beautiful place.