Dinosaurs Alive! at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio

Photo Credit: Tonya Prater / Ohio TravelingMom

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio is known for its roller coasters, but this amusement park has more than thrill rides. Visitors can now travel back in time to the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Dinosaurs Alive! on Adventure Island features over 40 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs to thrill and enthrall visitors of all ages. This prehistoric-themed interactive exhibit, located near the entrance of Camp Snoopy, allows visitors an opportunity to meander the path at their leisure while the kids (and adults) learn about these massive creatures.

Our Experience in Dinosaurs Alive!

My husband and I recently visited Cedar Point TMOM Travel Disclosurewith my 7-year old nephew and 8-year old niece. During our visit, we took a peek at the Dinosaurs Alive! outdoor exhibit. Inside the exhibit, guests crossover a bridge to reach Adventure Island. It is here that many of the dinosaurs “come to life,” aided by electronic sensors and animatronic technology.

Each “scene” along the path depicts the dinosaurs in what scientists believe to be a true to life setting, to the best of their knowledge. The handcrafted life-size creatures truly do come alive through the sights and sounds of the exhibit.

Stepping inside Dinosaur Alive! at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio

Photo Credit: Tonya Prater / Ohio TravelingMom

Placards located along the path offer a glimpse into the past, sharing information about each of the many dinosaurs featured. You’ll also notice fun signage, clever jokes and interactive stations where visitors can move the dinosaurs and make them roar at the touch of a button. Each station is protected by a large umbrella, which doubles as protection from the glare and heat from the sun.

Throughout the exhibit you’ll see well-known dinosaurs like the T-Rex, triceratops and brontosaurus, as well as lesser known varieties of the species, staged as they may have appeared during the dinosaur age. You’ll also find scenes and signs that depict theories of how they may have died and become extinct.

Half-way through the exhibit there is a sand pit where the younger members of your expedition can stop and uncover the bones of a large dinosaur.

What You Should Know About Dinosaurs Alive!

This exhibit is stroller and wheelchair accessible. The paths are wide enough that someone could easily pass by so you won’t feel rushed as you take your time in the exhibit.

Dinosaurs Alive! at Cedar Point

Photo Credit: Tonya Prater / Ohio TravelingMom.

The exhibit is for all ages, but keep in mind that these dinosaurs do move, roar, bellow and make other noises. Though the exhibit is not meant to be scary, it may be for very young children.

You can go through the exhibit at your own pace but plan to allow 45-90 minutes. We went through at a leisurely pace, my niece and nephew stopped to play in the fossil dig, and at each of the interactive stations and it took us just under one hour.

There are no restrooms in the exhibit area so make sure you “go” before entering the attraction.

Educational guides are available online for teachers, homeschoolers or parents who want to make the most of the exhibit.

Dinosaurs Alive! is open each day that the park is open, but closes early so you’ll want to confirm the hours of the attraction with park attendants.

Is Dinosaurs Alive! Worth the Extra Charge?

In addition to Cedar Point admission, there is a $5 charge per person (over the age of 2) for Dinosaurs Alive! I was a bit leery, but it turned out that the exhibit was something our party of four really enjoyed.

I know it’s hard to compete with the coasters at Cedar Point, but my niece and nephew thought Dinosaurs Alive! was fun and they were fascinated by the massive Ruyangosaurus.

Bottom line? If you have a dinosaur lover in your home, don’t miss Dinosaurs Alive!