hauntedhill3People find thrill in being scared silly. If being scared silly is your kind of thing, then the The Haunted Hill in Waynesville, MO is your place.

I am not much of fear lover; to be quite honest the last haunted attraction I was in, was probably when I was 15 years old, and I was out on a dare with a few friends.
Therefore, I decided I would take my tour of The Haunted Hill during the day, but folks this place made my skin crawl even during the day.  I knew immediately this place was not for the little ones, or those that scare easy.


A few of the buildings you will be touring at the Haunted Hill in Waynesville, MO



To my surprise, The Haunted Hill is not your typical in and out haunted house.  Once you enter The Haunted Hill there is no turning back, you follow a long trail of buildings full of odd, sometimes gross, and definitely creepy things.

The owners of The Haunted Hill have poured some time and labor into this project. Many of the structures along the trail are permanent.  Not only leaving them to fill with dust, cobwebs, an who knows what else, but also makes you wonder if the owners do creepy stuff all year long?

My first stop was the doll room, I will never forget opening that door and looking in on a room full crazed eyed dolls just sitting there. Dolls themselves can creep me out, they seem to be looking at you and you have no idea where their eyes are aimed; a room full of dolls, that I know have been there for who knows how long, well that just made my skin crawl.

Once I made it past the dolls, I bump into a giant Jack in the Box. You normally find Jack in Boxes just DestinationReviewsitting in the middle of the woods. Right?

After maneuvering my way past the Jack in Box, I discover I must walk through a spinning tunnel and I have no clue what is on the other side.

The Spinning Tunnel

The Spinning Tunnel

I can honestly say on my short visit to The Haunted Hill, I saw creepy and spooky things that I would have never dreamed of myself.

Before you visit You Must KNOW:

This is NOT a haunted house; this is a series of haunted “Stuff” along a trail. There are permanent structures that you will be going in and out of…honestly that is the coolest part, yet scariest part of it. These structures are there year around and that adds to the scare factor.

  • Wear proper shoes; you will be walking on a trail through the woods! Boots, good walking shoes, and something closed toed is highly suggested.
  • There could be a bit of a wait, which could be half the FUN, last year more than 6,700 folks went through the trail. They averaged 500 to 800 folks a night, so be prepared to wait a little while.
  • This is not intended for little guys. Use your best judgement, as everyone introduces their kids to different things, but I would not suggest this as a first-time haunted attraction and they do not recommend it for children under 10.

The Haunted Hill is open Every Friday & Saturday in October – check their website and Facebook for ticket prices.
The Haunted Hill is located 22235 Red Wing Road Waynesville, Missouri. You can  visit their website for more information!


Disclosure:  Part of these images have been supplied by The Haunted Hill, as my tour was during the day, and none of the cast was there.