nelsonville_poolThere are plenty of things to do with kids in SE Ohio – hiking, parks, mini golf – and lots of pools but only one I know of with all the amenities of Nelsonville.

After fighting traffic and managing to avoid the hordes of cops pulling motorists over for 5 hours on Memorial Day weekend, my family and I arrived happily in Southeast Ohio – Athens to be particular. In our short visit that also involved seeing family and friends, we took the chance to go swimming at the Nelsonville public pool, about 10 miles northwest of Athens. 

There is a wade-in pool with the requisite geysers and waterfalls, which is fun by itself, but best of all is a long, fast water slide. Though technically my boys are just slightly too small, they let that slide as well. My less sporty boy insisted on going with his uncle or me, while the other daredevil soon went by himself and kept going for a good hour or more. For some reason, I was the only one screaming.

Entrance is $4 for everyone 3 and up and $2 for babies and toddlers.

Side note: Our favorite place to stop on the Indianapolis-Athens route is the McDonald’s at Englewood/Dayton, Exit 29 on I-70. Great indoor playplace and usually a good point to stop as well.