Schlitterbahn Waterpark Kansas City - Storm Blaster Schlitterbahn, the Kansas City waterpark with the funny name, which loosely translated means “slippery road” in German, makes getting from one end of this ginormous park to the other part of the fun. It’s called Transportainment: sections of the park are connected with a lazy river, so you can just float back and forth at your leisure, from one ride to the next! It’s like a float trip inside a waterpark!

DestinationReviewWe loved that we rarely had to get out of the water to experience most of the park on one very hot day in June when we visited Schlitterbahn for the first time. As long as you don’t mind some people will actually be running through the water past you to get in line for the next slide, pulling their tubes behind them, you can make your afternoon as relaxing as you want. You can also walk to each of the attractions – but why do that?

Schlitterbahn Waterpark Kansas City - entranceWith several beaches along the river where you can plant your things and relax on a beach chair, crowding is kept to a minimum at Torrent Beach, the largest wave beach at the park.

This past summer in 2013, Schlitterbahn opened six new attractions at the park, and we could see construction going on for even more expansion happening in the future. New attractions included the park’s longest attraction, the King Kaw Rapids River; a rushing water tube chute, the Mighty Mo; Boogie Bahn, Kansas City’s only surfing ride; Whirlwind, a fully enclosed slide in the dark and two head-first mat slides: Twister and Cyclone. My six-year-old daughter, Reagan and I both loved Whirlwind, riding it several times. King Kaw and Mighty Mo were fun too, and provided a relaxing break in between the rush of the water slides.


From the moment she saw it, Reagan wanted to try the Soaring Eagle zip line. I’d never seen anything like it before. I liked that anyone could do this ride, no matter their physical ability, because it was just a matter of sitting in a two-person chair lift and being pulled backwards up to the top of the zip line, 100 feet above the park. It’s a fantastic view from up there before you are then released, speeding towards the ground at 30mph.

Our favorite ride in the park above all though, was the uphill water coaster, Storm Blaster, which combines the speed and hills of a coaster with water fun!

SKCW_BahnzaiBlackKnightWolfpack2Other favorites were Torrent River, the world’s longest tidal wave river, which was unexpected fun as one wave after the next pushes you along a windy river encircling three more tube slides: Bahnzai, Wolf Pack and Black Knight, all super fun.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark, Kansas City - KinderhavenIn addition to heart-racing tube slides, water coasters and river float rides, the park has an activity pool area just for the little kids too. Kinderhaven is conveniently located across from the gift shops, lockers, restrooms, restaurants and dining areas.

Picnic areas and cabanas are also available throughout the park as you are welcome to bring in your own picnic – a plus for large families. With free parking, free tubes, group discounts, a multitude of events and deals such as Home School Days, Girl Scout and Boy Scout Days, Military Discounts and more, Schlitterbahn is a very family-friendly way to spend your day. If you live in Kansas City, season passes are the best deal going of course.

Schlitterbahn also gives you a smart way to pay your way through the park without having to carry cash or cards. Splash Cash is loaded onto your admission wristband using cash or credit card in $5 increments. Pay for anything from locker rentals to food and beverages.

There are many lodging options available in the area, including the Great Wolf Lodge just a few minutes away, which in addition to the many other ways to have fun in Kansas City, makes this the perfect family summer vacation spot.