With marriage comes change, but before you decide to say “I do,” you must think about your travel habits.  Does your husband-to-be understand your travel habits and lust for travel? Put his skills to the test before you slip that ring on your finger. It would be tragic to have to sacrifice travel for love!


Photo Credit: Budget TravelingMom Becky Davenport

Photo Credit: Budget TravelingMom Becky Davenport

I have decided to give up my title as a “single mom” and become a wife again. Picking the right husband can be quite complicated: you have religious views, political views, education, work ethic, and travel habits. I mean I can’t marry a man that won’t travel – and travel my way.

Face it, as a single mom I lived on a budget that didn’t even match the pocket change that Donald Trump carries around. I am broke (most days). So for the past few years, I have lived the life of budget travel – state parks, free things to do, budget hotels, and learning the best ways to get my bang for a buck. I am not quite ready to give up my lust for budget travel, so I just put his skills to the test.
After hours of staring at boring old wedding invitations, I had shifted my focus to finding a place to go hiking. The fiancé called and I said “Hey, you want to go to St Louis, Missouri tomorrow?”


He replied, “Pack your suitcase and let’s find a cheap hotel.” I knew it was a match made in heaven!
Within 45 minutes we had booked a room at the  Chase Park Plaza Hotel in Forest Park St Louis (for 1/3 of the normal price). I had my   luggage packed, and he was headed to the convenience store to grab some wine for our trip. Yes, he is a keeper!
The weekend was not about wining and dining at the most luxurious places – it was about romance on pocket change.

Phot Credit: Budget TravelingMom Becky Davenport

Photo Credit: Budget TravelingMom Becky Davenport

After arriving at the Chase Park Plaza, we ordered the cheapest pizza on the room service menu (less than $20), popped the top on the bottles of wine, found some old dorky movie on television, and laughed until we passed out. We lived the life of real rock stars – you know, the ones that work for a living.
The next morning, we slept in. We were kid-free, which meant I could sleep and restore everything those kids drain out of me – parenting can be so exhausting.  Then we headed over to the local IHOP for a gourmet breakfast of pancakes and bacon – yes I said bacon. Again, I said he was a keeper. He knows exactly how to reach my heart, through my stomach!

We had all day Saturday to explore St. Louis; however, we had the budget of a pauper, so it was time to find free things to do.
I frequent St. Louis and some of my favorite things to do are in the Forest Park area, so we headed over to the St Louis Art Museum – lovely place for two kid-free adults to hang out, especially when one has no taste for modern art. After I nagged at him over and over about crossing the blue line on the floor (the one that says you are too close to the art) and he had enough time of making fun of the naked art on the walls, we headed to the Missouri History Museum.
Just as we got to the car, he said “Do we really want to go to the museum, or would it be okay to go on the beer tour?” Wait! He fed me bacon for breakfast and now he wants to give me beer? Oh Gesh! Prayers have been answered!
It was a deal! We were headed to Anheuser-Busch for the free Home of the Bud tour. Most people go on the Home of the Bud tour for the free beer that you get at the end of the tour – sounds like a logical reason to me. However, there is more to the tour than tasting beer –Anheuser-Busch is a beautiful brewery. I fell in love with the structure, the decorations, oh and the Clydesdales! The tour last about 45 minutes (it is a walking tour), kids are welcome, and the tour guides – well, they are walking comedians to say least.

After we had toured our hearts out and drank our beer, we finished our night off with another gourmet dinner from Chili’s and then headed home. To say the least the weekend was a success, and because the fiancé understands budget travel, I will be saying I do in few short months.