photo (3)All parents have had one of those days where you just want to run away from home and forget your worries. On a recent drive home from work, as I approached the sign welcoming visitors to the Bollinger Mill State Historic Site, I decided to stop in — alone. I have been there hundreds of times, but never without family.

As I arrived at the Bollinger Mill, I grabbed a soda and headed to the first park bench I saw. I honestly just sat there and stared into space for a while, surrounded by the sound of the birds chirping. In that moment, I decided that roadside attractions were not made for potty breaks, for the kids to burn energy, or as tourist attractions; they were made for moms like me who just need a breather.

Moms and dads, take note: the next time you are commuting or just feeling the burden of reality and you pass a roadside attractions sign, stop in and enjoy it. Savor those moments to yourself.

About the Bollinger Mill Historic Site

Bollinger Mill Historic Site is located in Burfordville, Missouri, or, as my kids call it, the mill between the city and the country. The historic site has a picnic area and shaded area, and mill tours are offered on weekends.