Our Research TravelingMom recently got to walk the same halls and be in the same spaces as F. Scott Fitzgerald as he wrote The Great Gatsby. As our TravelingMom was marveling in the history of the space, she also found a refreshed spirit just from taking the time to enjoy time alone from her children.

The Lobby of the Seelbach Hilton. Photo Courtesy: Seelbach Hilton

The Lobby of the Seelbach Hilton. Photo Courtesy: Seelbach Hilton


Reconnect at the Seelbach Hilton in Louisville, Kentucky!

In Louisville, Kentucky on the Corner of South 4th Street sits a grand hotel that truly lives up to the old adage ‘if these walls could talk.” Built in 1903, the Seelbach Hilton is truly one of a kind, with enough history to have several books written about it. A long history isn’t the only thing that this hotel has going for it, a list of impressive guests including Al Capone he enjoyed playing black jack and poker while he was in town. F. Scott Fitzgerld was so inspired by the guests he encountered that he based some of the characters in The Great Gatsby on those he encountered.

The Hotel ItselfAffiliate dislosureTMOM-disclosure-graphic

When you walk into the grand lobby, you are greeted by many many details; in fact, you could spend a significant amount of time taking it all in. The Seelbach offers 3 different in-house dining and bar options such as the Oakroom, Gatsby’s on 4th and The Old Seelbach Bar.


Should you find yourself visiting the hotel, be sure to check out the rathskeller located in the basement. In case you haven’t heard of a rathskeller before, Webster’s defines it as a basement tavern or restaurant. That is exactly what it is, although today it is used for weddings and special events. Can’t you just imagine Al Capone grabbing a drink here? When we went down, it was pretty early in the morning before the hotel was really buzzing for the day, so it was pretty dark. My mind really wandered just a bit thinking of all of the various parties that must have taken place in this space.


The Rathskeller at the Seelbach. Photo Courtesy: Seelbach Hilton

The location of the hotel is a prime spot to visit the popular attractions of downtown Louisville. Focused on nightlife, 4th Street Live is a center with a bowling alley, several restaurants and bars. Walk just a few blocks further towards the river and you will reach Jeff Ruby’s, a fine dining restaurant, and the Yum Center (think concerts and basketball games).

The Room

Reconnect at the Seelbach Hilton in Louisville, Kentucky!

Our Room at the Seelbach. Photo Courtesy: Allison Taylor/ Research TravelingMom

My husband and I were fortunate enough to stay in a junior suite while we were there. The hotel underwent renovations in 2013 and the attention to detail was really apparent in the room. The room was very comfortable as far as space goes, with half of the room dedicated to a living space with a love seat, chair and desk.

The other half of the room housed the bed, which was so very comfortable. In fact I startled awake at 8 a.m. after a fantastic night of sleep. I have young kids so making it to 8 a.m. is a very wonderful treat!

The bathroom was just as nice as the rest of the room. I don’t know about you, but I am a bit squeamish when it comes to hotel bathrooms. I always check to see how well the corners of the bathroom were cleaned, and this bathroom passed the corners test!

Our room was located on the concierge level, which meant that we had access to the concierge room. In the Reconnect at the Seelbach Hilton!evenings, complimentary hors d’overs and desserts were available. In the mornings, a light breakfast is served in that room as well.

The best part about the concierge room in my opinion is the hotel historian that we encountered during our breakfast. His name is Larry Johnson and he had stories for days to share about the hotel, including several potential ghost stories! Mr. Johnson was a fascinating man and was the type of person that you would want to listen to for hours!

My Takeaways

While I didn’t travel with my children, I thought of them the entire time. Taking them into consideration while walking around the hotel, I had a few opinions. The ornate nature of the hotel would make me very nervous to have my young children stay at the Seelbach. That being said I wouldn’t hesitate to bring older children along.

In the end, it was so very nice to be able to get away with my husband (even if it was only for one night) and to have some adult time together. Sometimes all that it takes to reconnect is just time together to share a laugh and make a memory together.

Have you ever stayed at the Seelbach Hilton?