Our Research TravelingMom shares about living in the town that Muhammad Ali considered his home and the center that honors his legacy. At a time that the world is remembering his life, we thought it would be appropriate to remember how Louisville, Kentucky honors his memory.

muhammad ali center

A view of the Muhammad Ali Center Photo Courtesy: Muhammad Ali Center

Located right on the riverfront in Louisville, Kentucky sits a very unique, colorful building that pays tribute to a hometown hero that transformed himself into an icon whose name is known around the world. The memory of Muhammad Ali lives on in The Muhammad Ali Center.

Foolishly I assumed that his death was being made in to a bigger deal in Louisville than anywhere else because of his long history. I quickly realized that the man who was originally born Cassius Clay will leave a void beyond his reach in Louisville.

About the Muhammad Ali Center

Because his legacy is so large, I wanted to share with you information about the center that has been teaching tourists of Ali’s rich history. It was built over a decade ago, with the purpose of creating “impactful programming” for adults and children alike. There are many permanent exhibits as well as temporary exhibits that rotate during the year.


There is a lot of reading to be done at this museum, so it is recommended for older children that don’t mind taking the time to read and learn. While the museum is very heavy on the exhibits that require reading, there are quite a few exhibits that encourage exploration with hands. Any place that encourages touching of the exhibits is a winner in my book because “hands off” can be quite overwhelming with little guys!

Quite possibly the neatest exhibit (in my opinion) is “training with Muhammad Ali.” It is a shadow boxing Remembering The Greatestexperience where you can attempt to beat the Greatest. Attempt is the key word in that sentence!

He may be gone, but Ali won’t be forgotten, and those who visit the center that bears his name will be forever reminded of the boxer who “floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.”

Many people have memories of the “Louisville Lip;” if you have any I would love for you to share them in the comments!