Minnesota State Fair

Minnesota State Fair Midway Grill and Ferris Wheel; Photo Credit: Flickr/m01229

Minnesota is perhaps best known for foods like lefse (traditional soft Norwegian flatbread), the ubiquitous “hotdish” that can include anything from tuna and potato chips to broccoli and grapes,and maybe homemade blueberry desserts. And, of course, lots of walleye.

Here’s a surprise: Every year, foodies from all over the map flock to the Minnesota State Fair to sample the array of adventurous, weird, and just plain crazy fare there. Just as the smell of bacon draws a weary camper out of the tent for a little morning grub, so too do the smells of the State Fair drive hungry travelers to descend upon St. Paul each summer.

This summer, the 2015 State Fair serves as a reminder that Minnesota has way more to offer the culinary world than just a curious hotdish. This year, the fair will showcase 40 new food items that folks can discover after venturing through the gates of the annual “Great Minnesota Get Together.”


What to Eat at the Minnesota State Fair

Minnesota State Fair Food on a Stick

Twisted Sister – Food on a Stick; Photo Credit: Flickr/Steve Moses

Haven’t been? Let me just catch you up.

You can visit the Butter Sculptures of the Dairy Princesses, eat almost anything under the sun fried and on a stick, and even enjoy an entire bucket of chocolate chip cookies.

Love BBQ? While Kansas City, Texas, and points due South are known for the stuff, Minnesota will take those delicious, finger-lickin’ ribs and deep fry them for you. Boom! Taste buds blown.

Dairy Princess Butter Sculptures

Dairy Princess Butter Sculptures; Photo Credit: Flickr/Amy West

You’ll also find cheese curds galore. The real ones. How to tell? They squeak. Wisconsin isn’t the only place that can do cheese well.

If it’s a hotdish or salad you crave, that’s in the mix too. My mom has made a “Snicker Bar Salad” every year for Easter since as far back as I can remember and wouldn’t ya know it? It can be found, courtesy of “Grandma Deb’s” in the Blue Barn.

Be warned–you will leave feeling like a Minnesota woodtick: ready to pop! You’ll want to map out your journey across the fairgrounds according to where you want to eat.

New this year are Limerick Stix, the Mac & Cheese Cupcake, Maple Bacon Funnel Cake, Meatloaf Hash, Salad Named Soo, Minnesota Wild Rice Benedict Muffin, Sausage Sister’s Sriracha Sliders, SPAM Burgers, Sweet Potato Tacos, Walleye Stuffed Mushrooms, and Wine Fried Kalettes, to name a few.