Photo credit: Becky Davenport / Missouri TravelingMom

At first my friend and I were worried when we learned the music show at Main Street Music Hall in Lake of the Ozarks would be two hours long. After overdoing it that day with the kids at Timberwolf Indoor Water Park and Ha Ha Tonka State park, we knew it’d be a small miracle for our four cranky children to sit still for more than 10 minutes, especially the two-year-old, who had only a 15-minute nap.

As the curtains rose and the cast took the stage my fears vanished. The tired two-year-old was singing and dancing, and the five-, seven-, and 10-year-olds was all smiles.

This was not my first trip to Main Street Music Hall in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri; however, it was the first time I had attended their Christmas show. This is show you have to be prepared for, prepared to laugh, cry, squeal, and sometimes all three of those at once.TMOM disclosure graphic


The show encompasses traditional Christmas music, new music, and a mix of comedy. Gabby Gumm, known as the resident comedian, puts a special twist on the show that keeps you so involved you don’t want to leave, or so that is what my five-year-old declared. Gabby has a way of making his comedy seem as if he is not playing around and he really is just that silly.

While Gabby seems to be a favorite, Ms. Wendy was also popular among my family. Ms. Wendy has an amazing voice, but her personality makes the show. It is obvious she is a mother herself as she has the ability to amuse the children and adults in the audience with her songs and her comical side. Our two girls could not stop talking about her special performance of “What did the Fox Say”.

Photo credit: Becky Davenport / Missouri TravelingMom

Photo credit: Becky Davenport / Missouri TravelingMom

The Main Street Music Hall performs year around at the Lake of the Ozarks, currently they are on their Christmas series. I would recommend this show for anyone visiting the Lake of the Ozarks area; the show is perfect for all ages and all occasions.