Millennium Falcon is the main attraction in LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Chicago’s newest exhibit: LEGO Star Wars Miniland. Photo Courtesy of LEGOLAND Discover Center Chicago.

 Star Wars and LEGO fans have a new exhibit to enjoy beginning March 15-16, when LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago opens its doors: Star Wars: Episode IVA New Hope. The exhibit is exclusively available at this location through December 2014. 

My family and I recently had the opportunity to walk-through the exhibit, which offers fans an intergalactic immersion into the sights and sounds of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. Young Jedi visiting can help the Rebel Alliance destroy the Galactic Empire’s powerful Death Star, experience the epic duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, watch in awe as the Millennium Falcon rises from the deserts of Tatooine, discover the bustling city of Mos Eisley and take in the busy cantina where the band plays its familiar tune and dangerous characters lurk in dark corners.

Kids have plenty of opportunities to take photos and interact with the LEGO displays at LEGOLAND DIscovery Center Chicago. Photo Courtesy of Megy Karydes, Foodie TravelingMom.

Kids have plenty of opportunities to take photos and interact with the LEGO displays at LEGOLAND DIscovery Center Chicago. Photo Courtesy of Megy Karydes, Foodie TravelingMom.

The display replaces the Center’s previous Star Wars Miniland, which featured scenes from Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. That exhibit transported fans from the beautiful rolling hills of Naboo, with its ancient domed city and cascading waterfalls, to the treacherous terrain of the desert planet of Tatooine.

During the weekend’s festivities, guests will be able to build their own LEGO creation in Build and Test, meet members of the Star Wars 501st Legion and take photos with life-sized LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader and LEGO Star Wars R2-D2.

My son is a Star Wars fan and loves to build using Legos so checking out this exhibit was a highlight of the month. It’s amazing how well he behaved and quickly homework was done the weeks leading up to this visit. I’m not the only one who uses these visits as a carro. Marina Kuperman Villatoro wrote about her experience planning for a LEGOLAND Florida trip and how well her kids behaved the entire year leading up to their visit! Hint. Hint.

In addition to the new exhibit, visitors to LEGOLAND will have the opportunity to see firsthand some of the Center’s renovations, including:

         LEGO® Racers Build & Test: A newly renovated track where kids can design, build and race their own LEGO car creations.

         LEGO® Factory: A revamped LEG

O Factory gives guests a behind-the-scenes look at how the infamous toy is made.

         4-D Cinema: An enhanced 4-D theatre experience.

         Duplo® Farm: A new Duplo® play area allows more space for the Center’s youngest visitors to explore and create.

         LEGO® City Soft Play: Coming this spring, new and improved mazes and climbing areas.

For the benefit of parents and other caretakers, the Center’s Café has also been updated. It now boasts free WiFi (thank you!), as well as other new amenities, providing families with a comfortable space to refuel before our next LEGO adventure.


Master Model Builder, David Howard, took some hard questions from Foodie TravelingMom’s kids about how to best build cities using Lego pieces. Photo Courtesy of Megy Karydes, Foodie TravelingMom.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centers can be found throughout the country in six locations; LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Atlanta opened in 2012. Each has its own LEGOLAND Master Builder and one of our highlights was interviewing David Howard, the newly-appointed Master Builder for this location!

Don’t miss this intergalactic milestone. The Force returns to LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Chicago for two days of out-of-this-world fun during LEGO® Star Wars™ Days on March 15-16. LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago Streets of Woodfield in Schaumburg, which is about a 30 minute drive west of downtown Chicago.

If you’re looking for some good places to eat, check out Pilot Pete’s. In addition to good food, the places is filled with antique model planes and a runway you can look out onto and watch private planes land.

For a more unique Chicago experience, Portillo’s Hot Dogs Schaumburg location has a fun 50s/60s retro theme and arguably some of the best hot dogs in the area.

Check out LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago’s newest exhibit, LEGO Star Wars Miniland and don’t forget to schedule some time to eat, too!

May the Force be with you!