Keeper-of-the-Plains-PlazaLocated in Wichita, Kansas, the Keeper of the Plains Plaza is an
amazing site filled with history. The focal point of the Plaza is the massive and breathtaking sculpture, designed by Native American Artist Blackbear Bosin. Looking at the Plaza from a distance away or being there directly will be imbedded in your mind for a lifetime because of the beauty.

There’s an intersection of nature and artistry that includes the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers, boulders, various plant life, a rock pedestal, a ring of fire (at night), the steel sculpture, metalwork and a limestone wall.

You can access the Keeper of the Plains Plaza by walking across a pedestrian bridge which is designed with a bow and arrow shape. Then, either gaze at the sculpture or take a tour of the various displays of the Plains Indians way of life.

This site is a perfect for photo buffs both during the day and at night. The Ring of Fire is set manually depending on the weather. It runs for 15 minutes so both video and photos can be taken. In the Plaza, the exhibits offer details of tools, ceremonies, ornaments and more. The running stream, plant life, including sage, bottlebrush, medicinal herbs and prairie grasses, rock formations and skyline along with the sculpture in the background provide opportunities for photographs throughout the year.

Be sure to dress according to the weather as you will be outdoors where it is quite windy. There is no cost to visit the Keeper of the Plains Plaza. The area is handicapped accessible and both a recording and written description (within the design of the plaza) is available.

The Keeper of the Plaza is a beautiful site to visit for both adults and children. You can gain knowledge about the history of the Native Americans who lived in the Wichita, Kansas area and take in the beauty of both nature and manmade artistry.

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