Since moving back to my hometown a few months ago, everyone has been asking me what in the world is there to do out there in the middle of nowhere. Well the truth is it had been a long time since even I had toured my hometown, so I decided I would travel around and see what there is to do and share it with the world.

To kick my “staycation” off in Marble Hill, MO I hit the Bollinger County Museum of Natural History, I typically

DestinationReviewtell everyone to visit this place with their kids, but I find myself lost among the history inside the museum. The Bollinger County Museum of Natural History is known for being home of the Missouri Dinosaur, however, this building was once the Will Mayfield College and the structure and architect of this building is just breathtaking. On exhibit you will find Civil War History, Lewis and Clark History, and of course information on the Missouri Dinosaur and Missouri fossils.

Just down the street from the museum is the hippest new place in town The Mustard Seed Boutique.  I am one of those girls that just has to know what all the fuss is about, so I stopped in The Mustard Seed Boutique and visited with the owner Cindi Morris.

MustardSeedMHMOCindi is also a local Bollinger County Gal, and like me she has a love for her hometown.  CIndi shared with me that it was always her dream to have a place like The Mustard Seed Boutique in Marble Hill, so when the time was right she went for it.  The Mustard Seed Boutique doubles as a fabulous small town shopping boutique and a cute place to dine out with your family or friends.  Inside the store you will find a mix of trinkets, treasures, and really anything you can imagine, I found myself amazed that this place sat in the middle of my hometown.  After all my shopping, and my time spent at the museum it was time for lunch, I love food (no lie), but this was when I really fell in love with The Mustard Seed Boutique!  I enjoyed my lunch and my Strawberry Pie in a Cup on the front porch facing their quiet street….picture watching children play, hearing the bird chirp, while you sip on a Fitz Orange Cream Soda!  Get my drift, total 1960’s TV show scene.

TotalResultsSalonMHMOWell no Girls Day Out is complete without some pampering time, so next stop Total Results Salon, to pamper my toes! Danielle Beel rolled out her stainless steel washtub, pushed up her sleeves, and treated my feet to some relaxation.  I truly wish I could put into words how cute and small town America the salon looked.  Forget the fancy vibrating chair, forget the television playing the reruns of Dr Phil, Danielle and I sat there and did exactly what our grandmothers would have done when they went to the beauty shop…..caught up on the local gossip and talked about the past!   Danielle has wanted to follow in her Great Grandma’s footsteps since she was 10 years old, ironically the shop that Danielle works in is directly across the street from where her Great Grandmother once did hair.  I will give Danielle and Total Results Salon a two thumbs up, not only for my fantastic pedicure, but for great small town service!

To finish my day off, I had to hit the second hand store, it is not much of a day out without findinHolly'sMHMOg loads of bargains! My new favorite clothing store Holly’s – Where to Find your Wear, I think I made this day all about spending the day among the locals, okay I am a local so that works for me.  Holly’s – Where to Find you Wear is owned and operated by Holly Cook. When you enter Holly’s store you can tell she not only loves her store, but she and her staff loves their town.  The store is hip, well designed, and the staff is always smiling….maybe they take smiling classes.  I have stopped in at Holly’s a few times this past month and each time I have walked out with either something for me or something for my kids and spent less than $10.  I would classify Holly’s as an upscale second-hand store, she seems to mostly handle name brand gently used clothing for a reasonable price.

While Marble Hill may be small…literally, population less than 1500, I discovered that I really didn’t have to travel outside of my  hometown Marble Hill, Missouri to have a great girls day out.


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