STLOUISZOOSpend the day or week at Forest Park St Louis, MO. It it always utterly amazing when you discover what you have been missing at a place you have visited countless times. I have probably visited the St Louis Zoo more times than the number of years I am old, but never have I take the time to discover anything else inside Forest Park St Louis, MO.

Over the past weekend, I planned a trip with my family and my Gal Pal’s family to head north to the Zoo, with a combo of kids and my husband chauffeuring us around we knew this would be a fun day.

Stop #1 St Louis Zoo…

With a rowdy bunch of kiddos, we rolled into the Zoo parking lot around 10 am, perfect time to arrive as the crowds have not poured in yet, and the animals are just waking up. We got the chance to see a baby lion playfully begging for food, the Seals put on a fun show as it was breakfast time and training session at their house, and even the elephants were on the move.  


ForestparkstlouisThings to Remember for the St Louis Zoo:
 Entrance is Free, but Parking is NOT.
The Train, Carousel, and extra shows do cost.
Remember to bring Water and Sunscreen
Strollers are good, but they have them for rent there
Walking Shoes, this is no small place.  

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Stop #2 Picnic in F
orest Park….
We packed a small kid friendly picnic lunch and found the perfect shaded spot inside Forest Park just to sit back and relax for a fun lunch. Forest Park is loaded with picnic spots, places to stroll along and relax, and beautiful scenery.  

Stop #3 Missouri History Museum…
missourihistorymuseumAfter our brief picnic lunch we headed over to The Missouri History Museum, and honestly I was floored I had not been there before. What have I been thinking? Once again, I think they should rename museums like the Missouri History Museum to Children’s Learning Center. Inside the Missouri History Museum you can take a step back in time and see major happening, major events, and what made Missouri what Missouri is today. Did you know there was another baseball team in St Louis? The St Louis Browns, yeah me either. Can you imagine what the 1904 World’s Fair looked like, nope not I, that is until I stepped into the Missouri History Museum. The Missouri History Museum is always FREE, except special exhibits; see their website for complete details.  

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Stop #4 The Saint Louis Art Museum….

stlouisartmuseum I went out on a limb, and decided that would finish our day off with a short visit to the Saint Louis Art Museum. I personally loved The Saint Louis Art Museum, and I can say that my daughter who is 8 could appreciate parts of the museum. However, my 4 year old was a bit on the rambunctious and rowdy side and the 45-minute fast stop at the museum was all he could tolerate after his long day at the zoo, and history museum. Do not get turned away from taking your little ones to the Art Museum, there were parts of it that he loved, like the African Mask, and a few of the more modern art. With that said, the Saint Louis Art Museum offers Family Sunday’s a program designed with hands on activities focused towards children….I think my 4 year old would enjoy the Family Sundays program more than he would just touring the art museum. 

We were on a “family” adventure for the day, however, being I am such a dreamer the entire time I was walking through the museum I kept thinking what a perfect date this would be…if we were minus the kiddos!  

Admission to the Saint Louis Art Museum is FREE except special exhibits and they are FREE on Fridays!

Stop #5 The Boathouse Forest Park….

While planboathousestlouisning our Forest Park adventure, I questioned a few friends, okay the entire State of Missouri via Facebook and Twitter for some Family Friendly dining ideas near Forest Park. With a few other fun dining places, we were suggested The Boathouse Forest Park. I am pleased to say were not lead wrong, great facility to finish off the day. Great menu choices, and if I dare say the prices were affordable, and the outdoor patio was perfect for the wild gang of kiddos traveling along side of me. We had intended to take a few extra moments to rent a few peddle boats and enjoy the lake, but just about time were ready to do it rain moved in on us, so we saved that for our next visit.

The Boathouse is located in the middle of Forest Park, and is open year around while we were on a “family adventure”, I saw many young couples, a few what seemed to be prom-goers, and several adult groups all having a good time. The Boathouse is casual enough for everyone, but still stylish enough for anyone.  

For a complete list of adventures, and extra activities at Forest Park including the country’s largest outdoor theatre The Muny visit Forest Park Forever.

Have an Adventurous Day!