kohler-bathroomIf you live in the Midwest and need a place to quickly rekindle the romance with your significant other, look no further than The American Club located in Kohler, Wisconsin. With cozy rooms, romantic restaurants and one of the best spas on the planet, even 24 hours away from the kids is enough to remember why you got married in the first place.

My husband and I recently spent just that – roughly 24 hours – at this exquisite resort and here’s our top five favorite aspects:

1. The carriage ride around town. We grabbed a bottle of champagne and got picked up right outside the lobby on a blistering night that seemed a bit frosty for a carriage ride.  Yet snuggling under blankets with our horse clomping around the quaint town of Kohler was a perfect parlay into dinner.

2. Dinner at the Wisconsin Room.  This upscale venue features food from local farmers so try the three-course farmer’s tasting menu ($42). Seafood lovers will want to go with the seafood buffet on Friday nights. Keep in mind if you stay during a weeknight as we did, several of the properties dining options such as the Winery Bar and The Immigrant Restaurant are only open on weekend evenings.


3. Breakfast at the Craverie Chocolatier Café.  Located a short drive at the Shops at Woodlake Kohler, the steel cut oatmeal served with brown sugar and raisins is perfect for the health conscious while others can splurge on chocolate and sea salt croissants and warm banana bread. Later in the day (or not!) the three wines and three chocolate pairings is beyond decadent.

4. The cozy atmosphere. From the rooms to the lounge areas with fireplaces, the entire resort just oozes relaxation.  And as we arrived to check in on a chilly, rainy day, we were offered hot chocolate or champagne (um, yeah I went for the latter).

5. The spa. Speaking of relaxation, the Kohler Water Spa is, in a word, delicious. We went for a couples Riverbath, a body exfoliation followed by a large hot tub filled with hand-chosen salts, and massage. (Do couples massages make you feel like you’re on The Bachelor or is that just me?) And one of the best parts of the spa is just lounging about the pool in robes, reading and drinking water with sliced lemon so be sure to leave some room for just hanging out after your service.

If you’re looking for some upcoming couple time and are beer lovers, think about visiting May 31 through June 2 for the Kohler Festival of Beer featuring  a 5k Beer Run, Grilling University and a pub crawl.

Disclosure: My husband and I were guests of The American Club Resort which did not affect my opinions or review.