IMG_9960“Mom, this place is magical, thank you for bringing me here.”

Those were the exact words out of my five year old son’s mouth as we made our way down the mountain at Millstream Gardens Conservation Area.

I love to go hiking, but to hear my five year old describe our hiking destination as magical made my heart overflow with joy.

I often get asked from my friends and readers how I find the amazing places that we hike at?  Well there are few secrets, but often it is not the destination it is the memory of traveling as family.

How to find the perfect hiking destination:

  • Well of course you must come to Missouri, joking, but that is part of it.  We live in an amazing area that seems to be forgotten most of the time. Missouri is full of outdoor recreation areas that are absolutely breathtaking.
  • Ask a local, ironically I have found most of my favorite hiking places after a local has told me about them.  I use this for all of my travel, usually you can find a fellow blogger, writer, or media person in any area that would love to help you.
  • Visitors Bureaus, Welcome Centers, and Conservation offices are excellent resources.
  • Start a journal, when you see someone post a place you think is amazing, write it down.  Have a dream box of places you want to go.
  • My last tip of advice is you need to be brave and let go of fear.

What are your suggestions to finding the perfect family friendly hiking destination?