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Mavis Staples

You just can’t keep your foot from stomping; your hips start swaying, and the rhythm just comes over you. You have the Blues, the real Blues. Attending the Roots Blues and BBQ Festival in Columbia, Missouri, taught me just what the Blues are This whole city has come alive with the rhythm of the music. As I stood in line waiting for my Pulled Pork Nachos (you must try) I noticed the man beside me begin to sway. I looked the opposite direction and the lady next to me was tapping her foot. Then I  looked down and realized I was also moving to the rhythm of the music. How does this happen? 


This is the 7th Annual Roots Blues and BBQ Festival in Columbia, Missouri.  The festival is located in Stephens Lake Park through Sunday evening (tickets are required).DestinationReview

A few things to know before you head out to the festival:

  • The shuttle service is amazing and really adds to the fun of the festival.  The bus pass is $5.00 they drop off at several different locations including the local hotels.  My tip is to park in the downtown parking garages, which are free over the weekend.
  • Wear walking shoes, the park is beautiful, but it is also on a hill and you will be walking.
  • Chairs and blankets are welcome actually I suggest bringing them or you will be wore out fast.
  • The festival IS handicap accessible, the workers will work with you to make sure you enjoy the festival.
  • The food is amazing — in fact, the BBQ is lip smacking good.  I suggest skipping the next few meals and just heading out to the festival for lunch and dinner.  Word on the street is the Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company made 8,000 biscuits for this festival.  YUM!
  • Go to have fun, let the music take over you, and just enjoy The Roots Blues and BBQ Festival.


(Disclosure:  Some of my images have been provided by Thumper Entertainment)