addams familyThe weird and wonderful Addams Family of television fame is just as weird but even more wonderful on stage. The touring company of “The Addams Family” hits Chicago this week for a torturously short six-day run. Buy your tickets now, before they’re all gone.

The show, which has enjoyed a long run on Broadway in New York City, is now making the rounds of the country and hits Chicago’s beautifully restored Cadillac Palace Theater for just eight shows before it closes on Jan. 1.

I took my husband, a man who, I believe, spent all of the 1960s plopped in front of the television watching cartoons and shows like “The Addams Family.”

“I had every one memorized,” he says of the 64 30-minute episodes of The Addams Family that aired between 1964 and 1966.


He was joking. At least I think he was. I watched maybe one or two in reruns.

Turns out it doesn’t matter whether you’re intimately familiar with the family or not. The only bit that required any knowledge of the show was knowing when to snap during the theme song. And you’d have to have lived under a rock for a lifetime not to know that.

This show is fun, funny, well-acted, well-sung and well-danced. Blake Hammond rocks as Uncle Fester, Douglas Sills sells Gomez and Courtney Wolfson wows as Wednesday, the now 18-year-old daughter of Gomez and Morticia. It’s her story of falling in love with a “normal” boy and bringing his “normal” parents to meet the Addams Family that drives the musical. But it’s the music and the weirdness that steal the show.