238People often hear me say “I just love that little town” and it is true, I have unique fondness for little towns that pull together and strive to survive. There is something about walking into a small town and feeling the warmest welcomes ever!

Last summer on my families Missouri Roadtrip to the Missouri State Fair we stopped off in this little town known as Blackwater Missouri. Blackwater’s population less than 200, coolness factors a million plus! According to the information I gathered on Blackwater, MO in 1990 most of the downtown area was in deplorable condition and only four businesses were surviving. Members of the community joined together and has not only rebuilt their town, but they have created one amazing place to visit.

On the streets of Blackwater, MO
Unique, unusual, but load of fun…that is the words that comes to mind when I think of our afternoon in Blackwater, Missouri.

The Bucksnort Saloon– Yep the name says it all…Bucksnort Saloon is for young and old and is a walking tour of living history. Be sure to ask the bartender for a haircut or a clean water bath….this will get your little ones giggling. Do not forget to tip the musician he works very hard to entertain you. Bucksnort Saloon is open every Saturday 10 am till 5pm and Sunday 12pm to 5 pm….FYI Mom & Dad Bucksnort is a non-alcoholic Saloon, we tip our hats to great places like this that give us affordable family fun!


Bucksnort Trading Company– Step back to the 1890’s and stroll through the shop filled with carved wooden baskets, unique hats for all ages, walking canes, and much more. You will feel as if you are on an old western show and stopping in for supplies.

Mid-Missouri Museum of Independent Telephone Pioneers- The highlight of our stop in Blackwater, Mo. Do you know how many different styles of telephones there are, and how much they have changed over the past hundred years? I still cannot tell you how many different styles there is, but I can tell you we tested every telephone in the museum and loved it. The Mid-Missouri Telephone Museum is loaded with telephones of every style, shape, color, and even has those telephones that look more like an alien than telephone.

 Blackwater Telephone Museum

The Calaboose- I locked the kids and hubby in the jail and ran…no just kidding, but we had a few giggles checking out the jail cell in middle of town. The folks, who thought this up, must have had my family in mind!

Other must-sees in Blackwater, Mo include The Iron House Hotel (reservations required), Picket Fence, Lanterns and Lace, Westend Theatre, Chouteau Garden, Water Garden, Gnome Home, and the Windmill. Check their 2012 Events Calendar for exciting upcoming events.  

To see more photos of our visit to Blackwater Missouri visit here

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