Six Flags Great America's Carousel Greets Families as They Enter Park

Six Flags Great America’s Carousel Greets Families as They Enter Park

Six Flags Great America is a Six Flags theme park in Gurnee, about 30 minutes north of Chicago. Thrill seekers will love the dare devil rollercoaster and adventure rides like the Viper Backwards, Demon and Superman: Ultimate Flight but the younger kids have plenty of rides to enjoy, too.

Our kids are just getting to that age (7 and 8) where they want to try new rides and experiences but are either shy of the height requirements or some rides still frighten them. Although they love water parks, they still were hesitant to try some of the more adventurous rides at Wilderness Hotel and Golf Resort in Wisconsin Dells earlier this month. Nonetheless, they wanted to return to Six Flags Great America this summer so off we went.

Sky Ropes course at Six Flags Great America

Sky Ropes Course at Six Flags Great America

We’re not the only family that enjoys riding together. The Dahlin family of Santa Clarita, California, enjoy riding roller coasters so much, they were part of a Coaster to Coaster tour a couple of years ago and the family graciously shared some travel tips. Since we’re local, we didn’t have to worry about making sure the hotel was equipped with laundry service

My Expert Tip: While you cannot bring food or drinks into the park, many families choose to bring food and drinks in coolers and eat at picnic tables just outside the park (some are in the parking lot). Not only is it more economical as many of the food items are about $10 or more to purchase but also healthier and tastier.


Otherwise, your options include burgers, pizza and chicken wings.