Art Stroll in Jefferson City

Photo credit: Becky Davenport/ Missouri TravelingMom

Art, wine, and sword fighting in Downtown Jefferson City, Missouri: not what you think you might find in the Missouri state capital. The Art Stroll in Jefferson City, completely took me by surprise; I was expecting a few art vendors set up along the downtown streets. I did not expect to eat a ton of yummy food, meet famous characters, watch performers that put tears in my eyes, and laugh hysterically in public.

My Night Out at the Art Stroll

Yes, I stood in awe, right beside some random six year old boy, and watched the men of Society of Creative Anachronism, Shire of Wyvern Cliffe.

Check out this photo slide show of all there is to do and see during the Art Stroll in Jefferson City, Missouri.


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Among the sights I saw:

Steppin’ Out Dance Studio took the stage and reminded us of how our parents may have danced a few years back – I stood in envy as these dancers have way better moves than I do.

The Capital City Players gave us a sneak peak of their upcoming series  “Les Miserables” – a must see show for music lovers visiting Jefferson City, Missouri.  The Capital City Players is a dinner theater that performs various act year around.

Fight demonstrations are designed to captivate the attention of boys of all ages, but what lady can resist men sword fighting?

Wine Anyone?

Art Stroll in Jefferson City

This cute duo stood and posed for photos all night long! (I can assure you, Donkey outsmells Shrek, if you were wondering.) Photo Credit: Becky Davenport/Burdget TravelingMom

I finished off the night having a great chat with a local wine maker Wenwood Farm Winery. After one tasting, they did not have to twist my arm too tight to buy a bottle of their Creek Bed Red Wine.  Wenwood Farm Winery was once a dairy nestled in the foothills of the Missouri Ozarks. For years their farm produced award-winning Guernsey cattle. Now they produce award-winning and great tasting wine.

While I attended the event without my kids, I would say The Art Stroll is family friendly;  the event is free, many of the artist/vendors have kid friendly activities, and the streets are barricaded to help keep everyone safe.


This mom has the right idea for taking kids to the Art Stroll in Jefferson City. Photo Credit: Becky Davenport/Budget TravelingMom

Art Stroll Tips:

Wear walking shoes, and come with a hungry belly and a mind ready to be intrigued.

The Art Stroll in Jefferson City is the first Friday of each month – you can learn more information and find out the latest happenings on Facebook..