missourifestivals3In our “neck of the woods” fall means festival season. We drag out our cowboy boots, pick our favorite pumpkin, and head out for some old fashion fun like a mule-jumping contest. No joke friends, those mules could probably draw a bigger crowd than an election debate.
Finding the perfect family friendly festival to attend is no problem, there are load of them happening, but here is 7 that could be considered so cool they are unbelievable.

East Perry Community Fair

Located just between Cape Girardeau, Perryville, and the middle of nowhere lays this little town of Altenburg, MO. My guess is there is more cows than residents, that is accept the week of the fair, I have heard as many as 30,000 folks draw from all across the state of Missouri for this 2 day Fair, and for the life of my I cannot figure out where they all park.  

missourifestivals1The East Perry Community Fair is known for as “the best little fair around” and they probably pegged that about right. This is the perfect fair to drag your little ones out to, the rides are small, the food is affordable, and the entertainment….well who does not love a good ol’fashion Mule Jumping Contest and Truck Pull. I know I have spent hours upon hour and well more hours with my hiney planted on those metal bleachers alongside two adorable faces cheering on Super Snowball the best jumping mule in town. Well she was for that year and was most likely replaced the next year by another way too cool mule.

The East Perry Community Fair is September 21st and September 22 in Altenburg, MO.

Pioneer Days in Marquand MO

There is always something to be said about a small town that quadruples its population in a matter of hours. The tiny town of Marquand, literally they look like a dot on the map, seems to always know how to draw in a crowd.

Pioneer Days is long time tradition in Marquand, MO bringing folks that once lived there, visited there, and just want to check the place out back to town. Marquand focuses on the history of the town along with bringing a few exciting games, events, and the ever popular food…okay it is worth drive to just to eat the food.  

Pioneer Days runs September 28 thru September 30th entertainment includes Piano Wars, MFPA Timber Sports, Craft Booths, and much more.

Delta Fair

Come one Come all to the Delta Fair in Kennett, MO. This small town fair draws a crowd from all over with one of the largest Art shows in this 3-state area. The fair provides free grandstand attractions, an exciting demolition derby, and you can’t have a fair without some tractors or a tractor pull.

The Delta Fair is September 25-29 in Kennett, MO.      

Madison County Fair

Welcome to the days of watermelon seed spitting contest, lawnmower races, and greased pig chase. The Madison County Fair is like fair you read about in Charlotte’s Web, great family friendly event surrounded by good folks. The fair draws a crowd from all over and known for its country theme and fantastic rides.    

The Madison County Fair is October 5th & 6th in Fredericktown, MO at the Azalea Park.

missourifestivals2Ozark Regional Timberfest

Well anyone that visits the Missouri Ozarks knows that the timber industry runs strong, so why not have a festival to celebrate it. The Ozark Regional Timberfest pays tribute to the past, present, and the future of the timber industry. Activities and entertainment includes logging competitions, food vendors, music, and exhibit highlighting the timber industry.  

The Ozark Timber Festival is October 12-13 and held at the Ripley County Fair Grounds in Doniphan, MO.  

Ghost Storytelling Festival

Forget the rides, the animals, and all the junk food and enjoy the magic of a story, you know those stories that help you paint a picture, imagine the unbelievable, and laugh so hard you cry. Well the City of Cape Girardeau has just that and more at their 2012 Ghost Storytelling Festival.  

The Ghost Storytelling Festival is Saturday October 13 at the Southeast Missouri State University’s River Campus. 

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