kansascitymo7Spend the day amongst the animals at the Kansas City Zoo. Get face to face with Nikita the Polar Bear, watch as the 800-pound bear practices his backstroke. After spending hour’s well maybe not hours, but my kiddos spent thirty minutes or more admiring Nikita, head over to be greeted by eight-year-old Sumatran Tiger brothers Manis and Langka. The big kitty cats have a brand new habitat on Tiger Trail that they are proud to show off. Next, stop the catch the amusing, comical, yet very intelligent Sea Lions. This group of Sea Lions put on an amazing show that kept my four year old not only still, but begging for more thirty minutes.
The Kansas City Zoo not only gives you that up close and personal feeling to the animals, but also offers unique ways to see the animals. Several of the animals’ habitats are open and children are able to pet the animals or feed them. The Kangaroos, however, are in a field at a distance, but open range giving you a feel that you are actually in Australia.

You can also view the animals and the zoo in style aboard one of the fun ways to cruise the zoo. You can see the animals at Kansas City Zoo by tram, train, boat, and from the sky. Take flight on the African Sky Safari for a journey crossing 1500 feet at 35 feet above the ground.

kansascitymo2Build Create and Demolish at LEGOLAND

One of Kansas City’s newest attractions gives you the opportunity to spend hours building,discovering, and playing amongst America’s favorite block. LEGOLAND Discovery Center complete with the LEGO Factory, Kingdom Quest ride, MINILAND, LEGO Racers: Build and Test, LEGO City Play Zone, and much more. Children of all ages, okay Adults to, can, and will spend hours creating, recreating, and sometimes destroying all in good fun.

The LEGO City Play Zone is a giant indoor playground that is supervised, guarded, and safe for kids of all ages, note to parents, pack some socks as you they are required.


In Kingdom Quest, you must defend the evil skeletons and trolls to rescue the captured princess, while riding along on your mighty chariot. This short ride last about 10 minutes, but was a favorite among our gang.

kansascitymo3Under the Sea

Get a firsthand look at what life is like under the sea with Sea Life Aquarium Kansas City. If I were to
rate attractions in Kansas City, I would say this was our number one favorite (must note it is hard to choose). Sea Life Aquarium not only grabbed the attention of my 4 year old and 8 year old, but it also held my attention for nearly 2 hours.

From the Interactive Rock Pool where you get your chance to hold a crab, touch a starfish, find out what a sea squirt is and how it squirt to the tank where you can come nose to nose with a Blacktip Reef Shark this aquarium is amazing.

Sea Life Aquarium not only makes it fun, but also the educational side of it giving visitors fun facts, discovery game, and extra information on animals that are not found in Missouri.

I will confess and disclose that while Jellyfish are not friendly fish if stung by one, but I must have spent 20 minutes watching the beautiful creatures swim in circles.

kansascitymo5Get Creative with Hallmark’s Kaleidoscope

40 minutes of time to just get creative! Kaleidoscope is a family art session provided by Hallmark Cards and it is FREE. They provide the markers, the glue, the gadgets, the paint, the stickers, the paper and everything you might need to create your own special artwork and the best part is you leave the mess behind.

Tickets to Kaleidoscope are free, but it is on a first come basis, there are several sessions a day, so check their calendar for times. If you are not overwhelmed by what you can create you will be by the amount of color you find here.

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Disclosure: Our visit to Kansas City, MO and these locations were sponsored by the Kansas City CVB, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.