best michigan ski resorts

Midwest skiing: It might be cold, but it’s still fun. Photo credit: Mary Moore

When you think about a ski trip, Michigan is probably not top on your list—but it totally should be! Not only is the state of Michigan symbolically shaped like a winter mitten, but it is home to 26 different ski hills and resorts, including Boyne Mountain and Mount Holly, two of the best Michigan ski resorts.

My family and I love to bond over windburned faces, hot cocoa and thrilling adventure before relaxing together in the evening by a warm cozy fireplace. While we continue to work our way through all 26 hills, here are our two favorite ski resorts in Michigan thus far.

Boyne Mountain

One of our favorite things about Boyne Mountain is the lodging. Boyne has a choice of traditional hotel lodging, rustic cabins or luxurious rental homes to accommodate any size family and stay duration. Plus, if spending a few days on the slopes seems like too much of a commitment, Boyne also offers tons of other activities. There’s a heated pool and water park (Avalanche Bay), zip-lining courses, a tubing hill and complimentary group activities in the lobby or courtyard.

best michigan ski resorts

Warm up by the fire at Boyne Mountain. Photo credit: Mary Moore / Retro TravelingMom

If you’re looking for an Alpine-inspired ski vacation, Boyne Mountain in northwestern Michigan has got you covered. Simply take a walk through the mini village at the base of the mountain and find everything you’d need to spend a few days immersed in one of Michigan’s greatest outdoor adventures.

Mount Holly

With experienced and friendly ski instructors and several manageable bunny hills, Mount Holly is a great spot for beginning skiers. Plus, when you’re ready to warm up, Mount Holly offers a Bavarian style lodge with restaurants, fireplaces, ski shops and warm beverage stations.

Mount Holly, about an hour northwest of Detroit, doesn’t have any lodging on site. But there are several hotels nearby. So, if you’re just looking for a way to burn off some energy or spend time playing as a family without a long term commitment, this is a great place to go!

Both locations offer affordable gear rentals and helpful instruction to get you started. Be sure to check out both locations online before heading out because you will find that they both offer either free or discounted kids tickets (conditions may apply)!

Whether you’re an experienced skier, a hopeful dreamer or a family looking to reconnect, give Michigan skiing a try. But please, don’t forget your mittens. It’s cold out here.

best michigan ski resorts

Beginner skiers should head to Mount Holly. Photo credit: Mary Moore/ Retro TravelingMom

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