Photo by:  Becky Davenport

Lazy L Safari Zoo in Cape Girardeau, MO
Photo by Becky Davenport / Missouri TravelingMom

As Missouri finally begins to thaw out, Spring Fever starts to take over – and families start looking for something to do. Here’s a list of my family’s favorite springtime things to do, new things that I have found around Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  

1. The Cousin Carl Farm Show

The area’s famous Cousin Carl gives southeast Missourians a behind look of agriculture. Features Max Armstrong, “The Voice of American Agriculture.” 


2. See a show at the River Campus in Downtown Cape GirardeauEnjoy a night out on the town in downtown Cape Girardeau enjoying the musical talent of the area.  


3. Cape Girardeau Nature Center

Often our sanctuary from the heat, the Cape Girardeau Nature Center has all kinds of awesome programs. We like to stop in and check out the animals and entertain ourselves with interactive exhibits;  if I am lucky, my own “wild” ones might actually learn something. The nature center is good for all ages – in fact, even I find myself gazing at the latest artwork displayed.

4. Cape River Heritage Museum

Learn the Cape Girardeau River Heritage, the history of what Cape Girardeau use to be, and just check out some awesome artifacts from the Cape Girardeau’s past. This museum is good for all curious ages, but it is a museum of history, so your visit is what you make it. My kids loved the Pilot House and Fire Truck, of course who wouldn’t be.

5. Rosemary Berkel and Harry L. Crisp II Museum

Discovery stories of the Native Americans, the Mississippi River, the boats, the railroad, and much more. Crisp Museum is a great for a short afternoon outing kids are always intrigued by the talking exhibits and you never know they may learn a bit of history.

6. Discovery Playhouse

Discovery Playhouse is full of interactive displays, bright colors and ways to keep those little imaginations turning. Discovery Playhouse also hosts weekly programs like music morning (check their website for more information). On a personal note, I find that Discovery Playhouse is PERFECT for my four-year-old son, but my almost nine-year-old girl tends to get bored about 30 minutes after we arrive. Just keep in mind that every child is different and if you have never visited, your older kids may love it.

7. LeBounce

The giant indoor bounce house also now offers Bazooka Ball. Hours of fun lead to hours of peace and quiet….I speak from experience! Follow their Facebook page as they often offer special prices and daily deals!

8. Creative Ewe Pottery

Express your artistic side and beat the heat. You set your price and design your own keepsake…this is perfect time to stock up on hand painted Christmas gifts for them special folks in your life.

9. Cape Girardeau Public Library

Discover more than just books at the public library; they have a full calendar events, an amazing facility, and of course smiling faces ready to help you.  

10. The Downtown Riverfront in Cape Girardeau

The riverfront offers an amazing view, great place for a family walk, and loads of history.

11. Cape Girardeau Bike/ Walking Trail 

One of our favorite escapes and a great place for outdoors lovers of all ages.

12. Shopping in Downtown Cape Girardeau

Downtown offers a taste of history, a taste of culture, and of course lots of neat things to buy.

13. Lazy L Safari

The family friendliest zoo around.  You get the opportunity to be up close and personal with the animals, see animals you don’t normally see around, and catch the fresh air, as the zoo is located out in the country.

14. Trail of Tears State Park

The Trail of Tears hiking trails wind around the Mississippi River giving you many breathtaking views of the river, but don’t forget to stop off at the interpretive center to learn the history behind the trail.

15. The murals of Cape Girardeau

The murals tell a vivid tale of Cape Girardeau’s history through beautiful artwork.

16. Cape Girardeau Riverfront Market

Open May through October, the market offers locally grown produce, tasty treats and unique things from around the area.