What if you could journey inside your mind in a cool array of colors and images drug free and at the same time release harmful toxins, relieve stress, relax your overworked adrenal glands and open up creativity? Well that’s what our Adventure Travel Mom and world’s fastest talker, Fran Capo, did at Lumina. Using a special strobe light called the Lucia 03, she entered a world usually only open to monks and gurus.

Fran Capo in the Theta state of mind Photo credit – Fran Capo

Lately I have been told that my adrenal glands are overactive and are always in the “Fight or Flight” response mode, so I need to learn how to relax or I’ll burn myself out.  WHAT?!!!!  RELAX!!!! I love adrenaline. I love adventure. I love living on the edge. I tried meditating for 50 days in a row, and while it’s nice, I was missing that rush. (Which of course is not the purpose of meditation.)

So, my quest became how to find a cool adventure, different than any I’ve ever tried, that would satisfy my appetite for unique and different, and still give me the rush I so enjoy. Enter Lucia 03 set up by LuminaNy.com. It’s the only center of its kind in all of New York.

I had stopped into Rise Above Floatation in Mount Kisco, NY to talk to Micah, the owner, about being a guest on my new radio show, “Fran’s World,” on Westchester Talk Radio.


Trying a New Adventure

As I was there, he mentioned he had a new adventure for me to try called Lumina. It’s a “neurostimulator and stroboscopic white light technology that elicits a variety of responses by putting the person into a Theta state, creating unique visions, and renewed energy and at the same time putting the person into deep relaxation.” He was so excited.

I just looked at him with my head tilted, like a dog that knows you are talking to them, but has not a clue what you are saying.

Then he handed me a flyer and said, “Fran, trust me, you have to try it to understand and knowing you, you’ll love it.” Always curious. I made an appointment with Marina, the owner of Lumina to try this “Hypnagogic Light Experience.”

Release from for Lumina, a colorful mind journey

Release forms for the colorful journey called Lumina. Photo Credit: Fran Capo

Lumina Adventure

Two days later, I met Marina Masic, Ph.D, for my 30 minute session. She is the only one to have this machine in all of New York.

As with all things in my world, I had to fill out a release form. This one required that I was over 18, not under the influence, not epileptic and did not have anxiety attacks.

Marina explained that the Lucia 03 (there were 2 others before it- hence 03) was developed by two Austrian doctors, Dr. Dirk Proeckl (Neurologist) and Dr. Engelbert Winkler (Psychologist). The machine is manufactured in a small factory in the Austrian Alps.

Near Death Experience

Dr. Winkler had a near death experience and interviewed hundreds of others to see if their experiences were like his. He became fascinated with the subject, which he felt was life changing. He wanted to find a way to engage the mind in the transformative experience he had.

After years of testing, the two doctors developed this strobe machine that they felt did the trick (and no you can not duplicate the effects with a cell phone or strobe light – I tried it!). It engages your mind to create art patterns in your head, almost like Lucid dreaming, (although I never had one of those dreams, but I read what they were.)

Anyway, I’ve never done drugs in my life (no, not even pot), so I was a tad nervous. I wanted to make sure this machine was not going to play around with my mind so much that it altered it. Last thing I wanted was to leave there like a space cadet.

Reassuring Participants

Marina assured me that wouldn’t happen. She said it would stimulate the Pineal gland located in the center of the brain. It’s responsible for regulating sleep patterns, aka the “Third Eye.”

Basically, it would help my brain drop into a state of deep meditation equivalent to people who have been meditating for decades. (Had I known this I would have done this before my 50 meditation sessions at home!) There are no side effects, because this is not a medical treatment or therapeutic device.

The thing is most of us adults have had our pineal glands calcified over time by consuming too many toxins–water with fluoride, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, sugar, cigarettes, pesticides, hair dyes, nail polish, hot plastic BPA filled water bottles, cleaning products and more. This could help set your mind free. (At least that is what I was thinking.)

Starting the Process

Without further ado, we went into a private room. I removed my shoes, laid down on a table and was covered with a blanket. A strobe light was placed about two feet above my head. Marina was in the room the entire session guiding the strength of the light with a preset computer program on her laptop.

I was given a choice of music, anything from rock, to spa, to classical to healing. I choose healing. After all I was trying to heal my adrenal glands from being so fatigued.

She said she was going to start with the softest setting for two minutes. Then if I liked that setting, I’d give the thumbs up and she’d raise it to the medium setting. After another two minutes, if I was comfortable, another thumbs up and we’d go for broke to the intense setting.

I put the ear phones on, closed my eyes and got ready to see what this Lucia was going to do. I was instructed that if at any time it got too intense I just had to turn my head to the left or right and that would disengage my mind from the light and all visions would be off.

Feeling the Rush

I was excited and feeling the adrenaline rush I wanted. Of course I was still wondering if I would soon experience a psychedelic adventure. I really had no clue what was going to happen. As long as I didn’t fall asleep and start to drool with my mouth open or start talking in my sleep I figured I was safe. I asked her to take pictures, but not video.

The first setting began. Within seconds I started see a twirling kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. A white and blue pattern that looked like Mother Mary hiding behind a curtain emerged. Then I saw one giant pyramid, then a fetus in a womb. All the while multi colored lights shining in from all around me like from outer space kept coming in and out. It was as if I was glimpsing into heaven.

Moment after moment, a different array of patterns, colors and images would emerge. Then it all faded into the most beautiful rich deep cozy purple color I’ve ever seen. I gave the thumbs up. I wanted more.

Don’t Overdo It

Phase two. Again I saw an array of colors flashing in my minds eye, but this time zooming by. They were beautiful but to me not as peaceful a pace. So I asked to go back to level one. (After all I was trying to rest the adrenals.)

Twenty minutes passed quickly with the healing music playing in my ears to enhance the experience.  Every few minutes (I’m guessing because I actually don’t know) I saw the images fade into that beautiful purple. The colors and the blissful feeling made me smile and melt into a deep relaxation.

I don’t remember much towards the end because I think I fell asleep. I just remember the music ending. I took a moment to open my eyes and it was over.

The Assessment

I told Marina that I knew when she changed settings because it always went into the deep purple. She said, “Fran that was all your imagination creating the artwork in your head. The entire time the light remains white. There was no changing.

HOW COOL!!!!! I loved my mind’s artwork. Too bad there’s not a way to do a selfie of my mind!

I apologized for falling asleep. Marina laughed and said, “No I was watching, you did not fall asleep. You were towards the very end in a Theta stage of deep relaxation I could tell by your breathing.”

“Yes, another first!!”

Up until then, I knew that I was an Alpha female, who would have dreams in a beta state, but wasn’t sure I ever got that far down in the Greek alphabet to Theta…All I could say was I’d like to visit that realm again. I was in awe.

So folks in conclusion, I’m telling you with all my heart and colorful mind…you need to try this.  It’s awesome, not that expensive and it opens you to a world within your own mind without any side effects. It’s a “Transcendental light meditation” like none other. I got not only the “adrenaline rush” I was looking for by trying a new experience, but I managed to do it without working out my adrenals.  A win-win for all. Talk about a traveling mom!