If you are heading to Manhattan with the family and you are looking for a fun way to see the city, The Ride in New York City is an excellent way to go. When you take a tour on The Ride, you’re not only seeing all the major attractions that the city has to offer, it’s like taking a ride in a nightclub on wheels. It’s tons of fun and will be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

The Ride in New York City.

The Ride in New York City. Photo Credit: Robin Ruehrwein

I love spending time in New York City.  There is so much to see and do there and each visit always brings something new. I have been there dozens of times and always find new things to experience every single time I go. I was just in Manhattan again recently and I was on the lookout for something super fun to do and ended up booking a tour on The Ride.

The Ride is a great way to experience New York City. It’s essentially a nightclub version of the typical NYC tour. The Ride takes you on an interactive, media driven, fun and funky tour of the city in a bus that is specially designed for such an activity. My husband and I were in New York City without the kids not long ago and wanted to do something different.  We decided to check out The Ride.

Street Performer Seen on The Ride NYC

Street Performer Seen on The Ride. Photo Credit: Robin Ruehrwein

Where You Can Catch The Ride NYC:

It meets at Senor Frogs, which is right in Times Square so it is easy to find. Once you check in, everyone hops on the bus and the journey begins. It’s much less complicated than some of the other tour type options that happen in the city.


I’m a big child at heart. I like things that flash, have music, and dancing hosts are never a bad idea! The Ride is a really fun way to see the city.  Visiting New York City is not a new experience for me, it might not be for you either. That is why The Ride is so awesome. This journey is unlike any other bus, walking, or driving tour you could possibly take in New York City.

Get to see New York City’s Best Attractions:

There are tons of amazing buildings with a rich history in New York City. It’s one of the reasons why so many tourists from around the world come to the city each year. The Ride is a unique way to experience them.

What Happens During the Tour:

After you get on the bus, which is set up rather oddly in terms of traditional buses, The Ride begins. All of the seats are like a movie theater. They’re lined up in rows that run the length of the bus. They’re all facing the side wall of The Ride which is all windows, including the roof! One of the benefits of seeing New York City on The Ride is that the view is spectacular. You can see everything happening on the street, take in the views of the city, all from the comfort of your theater seat.

On The Ride New York City.

On The Ride in New York City. Photo Credit: Robin Ruehrwein

The Ride includes a lot of screens, flashing neon lights, and of course, the colorful entertainers who host each tour. There are on street performers that are connected to the show. At busy intersections or slow points on the journey they pop up outside the window and do performances. These “street artists” are wired up to play inside the bus so you can hear them rapping, singing, and chatting with The Ride who has it’s own personality and voice during the tour.

Tour Guide on The Ride in NYC. Photo Credit: Robin Ruehwein

Final Thoughts:

One of my favorite parts of The Ride was the hosts. They’re so much fun and delightfully colorful. They add a human aspect to the tour that something so tech driven really needs. They add commentary, they hassle the other riders, and they serve as a sort of counterpart to The Ride which talks to them, interacts with the city, and plays the soundtrack to the tour. They’re up there in a tight space dancing around, singing, and narrating this fun journey the entire time. I thought that was amazing!

If you’re like I am and love hearing the history of the places you visit, The Ride is perfect for that. Our tour on the The Ride provided an excellent opportunity to learn about the historic buildings, events, and views in NYC. This is the most fun tour with significant information that I’ve been a part of I think. There’s no one tour that teaches you everything that there is to know about New York City but this one hits the highlights and in the most fun way possible.

Looking for urban adventure in Manhattan? Here's why The Ride NYC should make your short list.

I think it’s a great option for families, kids enjoy this experience because it’s so tech forward and flashy. It’s impossible to be bored on The Ride. You get a full blown New York City experience in one seat! I would definitely recommend checking out this tour the next time you are in NYC, even if you already know the information it’s a fun way to experience the city.  I will be back in New York City soon with the kids and I will definitely be taking them on this super fun tour.  They’re going to love it!

Have you ever been to New York City?  If yes, what was your favorite experience while you were there?